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I want that watch.

Mac or PC?
Fuck Popularity

I never cared about it and never will. I used to like school back in 1st grade when everything was easy and nothin mattered. Now you loose half of your friends because the turn in to assholes by worrying about their looks. Truth is, I didn't know where I fit in with my friends, so i just made my own group called original where it doesn't matter what the fuck you wear or say or do, as long as it's true to you.

What song are you listening to now?

Yea time to put on the headphones to celebrate a wonderful day. Anyone wanna join and party with me. Comment what song you are currently listening to. Then update it, I'm at headfirst for halos.

want to run away

So I get grounded on MCR day and i was supposed to go see a good friend of mine at a going away party because he's moving. Now I probably won't ever see him again. This day has just been awful, i even helped mis padres move furniture around for 3 hours and then had to move it all back, and then i get grounded for sledding down the stairs? like come on im a teenager, thats what we do sled down steps when your mom doesn't want you to. Anyway happy MCR day, better be better then mine.


Don't hate me for this but I am unfamiliar wit MCR day... So anyone want to inform me?


Well I have nothing to do. My only 3 friends are all busy. My brothers gone. It's hot as satins balls outside. Can't play drums. Or any other instrument. What a waist of a day. Good thing I've got an iPod.


So I go to the piano to figure out desert song, and my dad grounds me... Like what?


So I go to the piano and start to figure out desert song, and my dad grounds me... Like what?