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Best song of all fucking time.


Hey, I haunt been on here in a while. I've been really busy with football and other things. 2-adays suck, and are really tiring. So just sayin hi! Okay cya.

When does everyone start school?

I start 29th of this month.

Killjoy name

How do you get one?


band practice tomorrow. it should be interesting because the bassist wants to quit the band. awkward... oh well, we will see what happens.

Band Video

So the clip freezes towards the end. Its an original song.

No big deal.

Okay so, I'm in a band and we went to play in this battle of the bands thing. The winner got to pic any concert they wanted to see and watch it with full access passes with the sound guys clair brothers. I went into this thing thinking, were 14 and 15 and not gonna be that good. Now the band I'm in isn't punk it's more laid back rock/pop which grinds my gears a bit but you know what the hell. So we won. No big deal. And now we have a year to figure out what concert to see.

Should I?

I want to right a fantasy story explaining my lif metaphorically. Wow if that made any sense... I've always been some what of a creative writer I guess. I like making up stories, but this story would be about me, but it wouldnt be real...

I like this site more than facebook.

I'm covering the song Helena today, but i don't have a bass... oh well ill make it work.

Thank God for Helena

This song saved my life and helps me with everything.