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Well I talked to my parents and they tried to be understanding but it was obvious they didn't agree with me but oh well, it could be worse. At least they let me see my mates today. They set me an ultimatum that if i didn't talk then i couldn't go out. But i decided to talk and now i get to see the guy i like so it should go well.

Sense and Sensibilty

Who wants to be sensible? to sit in a suit typing away, never having time for fun or for family. The reality is that we'll all end up like that. One day we'll wake up and realise our lives have been wasted on jobs and pointless nothings. Some though will have enough sense and greet each new moment with the joy of a young child and not just sit around being sensible. These people will laugh at the most random things and go out every night and not care about hangovers because they're free. I may not be free yet but I hope I will be in the future. I hope I'll be like one of the un-sensible ones.


I am screwed. My life is actually falling to shit and i can't stop it. I'm depressed and my mum found out, she promised she wouldn't tell my dad and she did. My dad isn't the easiest person to get along with so he freaked out. I don't want to talk to them about my own problems but they've banned me from seeing my mates on Saturday if i don't talk to them. Well screw them, they may think they have my best interests at heart well they're wrong, if they cared they'd leave me alone. I don't know whats so hard to understand about me not wanting to talk, they don't seem to get me.


Why are some people so proud? They let pride get in the way of what's important and they don't let anyone help them out. They look down on us but we're all human, we all have skeletons inside us, so why are we seen as inferior in their eyes? Proud isn't always a bad thing though. A dad who's proud of his child for winning a prize or getting a good report is good pride, but those who think they're better than us well that's unfair and unjust pride. Pride is different to many but pride is used against us more times than we know.


School's a bitch, I'm sitting here trying to remind myself why i decided to enter theses gates. Its a funny thing, school, you're judged by a thousand eyes before the first bells rung. I've felt my fair share of prejudice. I've been bullied, i've been hurt and judged because i'm Bisexual and still the government forces us to come to school, where we face dreams being destroyed and a prison like stay of 6 hours.