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school... not fun! the only reason I'm actually working with this stupid math is that My Chem is playing on my spotify playlist. Cemetery drive (= <3

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Hello (=

Croatia 08 :)

Hi! I'm new here and just thought I'd introduce myself.
My Name is Emilia (Millan) and I'm 16 (soon 17) years old and I'm from Sweden. the first song I heard with My Chem was Dead. It was when my brother bought the black parade and we started to rock in the kitchen. I loved it as soon as I heard it, and since then I've always loved MyChemical Romance!

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Finaly you can logg in to MCR's webbsite! I have been waiting for so long.
I'm looking forward to learn how it works and to meet all the fans who loves this band as much as I do.
have a gr8 day! :D