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Okay, here I go.
this summer ive been working a lot. when I did I lisened to danger days all the time! so when I heard the lyrics over and over again, I came up with this story in my head. I hope you will enjoy it!

The Lives Of The True Killjoys.

Part 1

It hadn’t always been this bad. It had never been good, but for the first time in my 18 year old life, I could feel the end coming. And as the end was closing up, I could not help but to think about the beginning…
My parents were never really present. It had always been me and Jenny alone. I didn’t blame them.

need advice!

Hi everyone! I hope ur all doing great!!
so I have this thing.. I have noticed that a lot of you guys are writing a lot of fanfiction. Thats awesome!! The thing is so am I... and since there are that many, Im just wondering how many are going to read my story. I think that you are really going to like it... anyways, if you think I shoud post it, please let me know by giving me a comment and a friend request (so you can read it later) Thank you so much for your time :)

Love to all of you Killjoys out there!!
Your Imagination is the Ammunition.
Stay Dirty, and Stay Dangerous.
Create and Destroy


so, I orderd a party poison jacket 3 months ago and it still haven't arrived yet... what do I do? did they miss me or does it just take that long? I live in sweden btw and Im sure that I ordered one before they got sold out. Help me?


Hey all killjoys out there!
Im just curious, do you guy think it's possible to be an echelon and still be part of the MCRmy?


The thing I really like about the MCR fans, is that we're all like a big family. You're not afraid to comment anyones blog cuz you know that you're kinda already friends... I've heard about this Sniper girl who was bullied for liking MCR and she tried to commit suicide, she's in the hospital doing okay now, but still everyone suports her and sends her their love and that's something beautiful! Even I think about her and pray for her. As I said, we're all like a big family and we always got eachothers backs. This is a place where I belong.


Happy Birthday Gerard! We all Love you! hope you have a great day and i hope you get to spent it with your family! :)


Listen to the music in the ending!

Can't wait for the episode!!! :D <3

Getting famuos!

Just saw a youtube video and the guy who posted it asked his suscribers what kind of music they were into and half of the replys included MCR, pretty cool ;)

Btw, the youtuber was CYR, if you know him :)


Wow! today it's gonna happen! we've been waiting 4 long years for this and it's finally here! I can't belive it! I'm having a swedish- test right now, but I can't focus! I have sing in my head all the time and I just wanna go to the record store and get the album! gaaaah! I'm gonna go crazy!
Look alive killjoys today is the day so let's make some noise!