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Oh, I have not been here in ages! But last night/this morning I could not sleep at all because of an incredibly high fever and I was thinking (you know the strange way that your thoughts flow when you are ill and sleep deprived?, well, I hope you do not, but basically I felt like I could not really focus on anything, got very worried about many things and went through so many existential questions. I have never taken acid but I would imagine that if you took it and laid down listening to Prog, it would feel something like that): "lay awake in bed at night", singing in my head.

I never make New Year's Resolution; I do Birthday proposals instead. And I think it's a good escamotage, as my birthday is on the 3rd January and it's a better date to think about next year, as I usually have slept enough to think coherently and there's nobody wishing me “Happy 2012” -if every year was better than the previous year, we would all love to live the same years again and again (although Leopardi said this much better than me).
So, time for those resolutions...

First of all, I'll try to be shorter both in writing and in speaking.

I've got a flu and I swear it's the best thing of this week! I got it on monday, after staying TWO hours in the cold, and in the rain, because the company that runs buses in my area decided to cancel the only buses I can take.
Buses that, of course, run the longest of the entire network (from the city to my house it's exactly 50-something minutes, plus about ten minutes I have to walk, but that's the best part of the travel) and, of course, there is only one bus per hour that takes me home. Hoorray!

I want a 48 hours long day!

I really do. I mean... where do I find the time to do everything, and do it at my best?! Since I have to sleep at least five hours a day (per night, actually), I simply CAN'T do everything. STUDY for school, study for the theatre course, study for the English exam I'll take in February, write every document I need to go to the University and look for a job to earn enough to actually pay at least my university books myself, since my parents will have to bear fees and whatsoever -really expensive things.

So yeah, after this rant...
I'm back here on the site :) I'm answering unread messages


I think I don't quite realize the passage of time.
I think I have billions of days to do something, and all at a sudden the deadline is so near I can't manage to meet it! Or I say "I'll ask this friend, who I haven't seen in such a long time, to hang together soon" and it's almost winter, still I hadn't asked him. Or I should start to prepare my English exam, and I always think "I should start" but I just did a pair of exercises, as if the exam was in ages -it's in February/March. And so on, and on, and on... I should complain less, seriously -it's just SO annoying.
I don't even have a

I won't be online...

I won't be online for the next week, perhaps about ten days, because I am plenty of things to do and I can't really get on my pc that much -.-
Therefore, I'm really sorry to everyone I was chatting with through the site mail box and similar... I'll be back as soon as possible :) Anyway probably I'll still check my twitter account (@ Mik_Miky) so...
Yea no one cared, but I felt like saying it anyway, so no one will think I'm off dead =D
See you soon!!!

I'm not okay.

I'm in deep crisis.
First of all, I feel so sad because I have to give up synchronized swimming: I've been practicing it for five years now and it was what saved me from being a nervous schizophrenic teenie that could slit her nasty schoolmates' throats. I've made friendships in our team and we're not the best athletes in the world, but we have fun. And thinking about next year without training... it makes me feel so stressed just at the thought!


I was to study Literature and I always have to listen to some music while studying, it helps me memorizing better what I read. So I chose an old CD I've never listened to: the first track is "Christus factus est pro nobis", a Gregorian Chant ( <- this) and as I quite like how Gregorian music sounds like, I thought it would have been a great idea to use it.
So I put the record on and... my cat made such a face, it's unbelievable! She had her eyes wide open in pure terror, I swear she was petrified.


Photos of our great meeting =D

Photo #1, first attempt