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well yesterday was my last day of skol 4 x-mas break and most people r happie 4 tht.......but not me im actully really depressed thz may sound weird but i miss my friends all ready (does tht make me weird) i have to go 2 wks without my bestie frankie shes my other half i cant wait for x-mas break to be over i keep listenin to Heaven Help Us(its my comfort song) is ther any one else out ther whos depressed or am i jst too emo? ;(


ok so i just watched mcr on yo gabba gabba(the beauty of youtube) and it was......AMAZING they were dressed in these really heavy winter coats that lokked like so weird outfits? you guys must watch it MUST WATCH IT it is really really really really REALLLY REALLY REALLY funny when you do watch it lokk at ray his smiling so hard and also gerards hair was red in this video which i dont get he dyed his hair black......................oh nope wait i get it WATCH IT >-<

whats wrong with ppl thz days?

so lately thz guys at my skol r tlkn non-stop bullsh!t about MCR its rlly annoyn so anyway i jst wnt to say W...T....F! thy hav nver listend to them(maybe sing) how nd the hell can thy tlk sh!t about th wrlds greatest band? my science teacher saw their name writin on my wrist nd said their name sounded like it has sumthing to do with drug lords(dnt ask) me and my friend frankie tried to explain to her what mcr was nd is nd had a hard time understandin whats wrong with ppl thz days?

I need a name for my band asap

hey guys so me and my friends are thinkn about starting a band...but we have no idea what to call it so i need help ive had some pretty good ideas but sadly no so someone PLEZ help us thankz