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mikeywayobesser2's blog

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quick question

ok so i was jst wondern if there is sum1 else out there who isnt crazed out Ferard dnt get me rng i mean its cute and sumthng i like to joke about but i it i guess or Frikey or Waycest whick ive nver seen....maybe once

a bunch of things

ok so 2morrow is my birthday >-< the same day MCR is going to be in New Zealand (i thnk i misspelled that oh well) which is fucked up for me so my bday present to your guys out there is to brng MCR to you...youre welcome!!! also i just wanted to say how is/was your day? fucked up and retarted as usually?

a lil bit bout me

ive been on this web-site for some months now and i feel as if i can trust you guys here with ramdon and fuckin retarted ass shit so i am going to tell u guys a lil bit about me *clears throat*:

I am 5ft 3in (hehe)
My name is Shay
I live In Texas
I'm in the 8th grade
I have an addiction to:MCR(duh)gum,music,laughter(i laugh 24/7)LeATHERMOUTH(listenin to this song is about being attacked by monsters as i write this)Monsters and Coffee!
I wear a size 10 in women shoes
My fav. bands are:MCR,LeATHERMOUTH,Fall Out Boy,Good Charlotte,The Killers,Evansence,Panic!


ok so i want some skeleton crew and i was wondering if i typed in the rong name i did that and i came to a web-site that was selling printers and computers someone help me please

back to school

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i go back to school 2morrow lokkn forward to see'n my other half!! This is also kinda late i wanted to do this on his bday but i was really busy(i blame my mom) but HAPPY 38TH BDAY BOB BRYAR!!!!

When We Stand Together

I just watched the music video to "When We Stand Together" by Nickelback and it inspired(think i misspelled that oh well)me to write this:

When we stand together theres nothing we cant face
When we stand together we can make the world a better place
When we stand together we can make wishes come true
When we stand together theres nothing we wouldnt do to make you happy
When we stand together we can shine a light so bright to lead you through the night
When we stand together we stand tall,no matter how short,tall,big,small
When we stand together we will make you smile
When we stand together

am i going craze?

ok im really confused right now i dont send friend requests on here and i was wondering if i really sent them and just dont remember or if ppl friended me or am i just going craze(r).....


i havent been on the internet in 4eva and was jst wondering whos Alexa and whats rng with her?


i havent been on the internet in 4eva and i was jst wondering whos Alexa and whats rng with her?


Ok so im in this band and we havent yet choose our name and i wanted to call it the london bridge fires but my friend said that there was already a band named that and ive lokked them up many places and all i get is news clips about bridges in london falling and stuff like that does anyone know if there really is a band called that thanx