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Hot,Sweaty,And Sticky Frerard

Chapter 2-The New Classmate

"So what did you do this weekend?" My friend Ray asked patting his huge fro. "I went to a birthday party" I said grabbing books from my locker. "Birthday?" "Yeah one of my dads co-workers invited us, Mr.Iero" "Iero?" "Yeah" "My mom works with Mrs.Iero" Ray said waving at a few girls. "Weird" "I know right she didn't even invite us!" "What? No not that I swore I had my sketch pad when I left. I can't find it" I said searching my bag. The school bell rang. "Well you may have left it at home. Busy weekend" "Good morning class!" Mr.Richard the history teacher said.

Hot Sweaty and Sticky Frerard

Chapter 1-The Birthday Party

"Dad do I really have to go?" I asked. "Why so you can stay home and draw?" "Yes! I would much rather enjoy that!" "NO!" "You're fathers right Gee. You're an amazing artist but even all great ones need a break to go to at least a birthday party Mr.Iero was so kind enough to invite us to" Mom said putting in her earrings. "But i'll forget-" "No buts Gerard! Why can't you be more like Mikey?" "You mean straight" I snapped. "No that's not what I meant" "What ever I heard what I heard" "Uh um" mom went.

promises you cant keep

new song i wrote about my mom please comment and tell me what you think

*intro solo*
-verse 1-

is what you say
is what you think you do
But i
can see through you
like a piece of glass
I bust my ass
to make sure youre happy
But it's not enough
you dont care
if im hurting inside
most days i wished
that you could step
in my shoes
and see my life
i bet you couldnt make it
i know you cant


so tell me why
should i cry
all you ever do is lie
you think by now
i'd be used to it
so tell me why
should i cry

-verse 2-

you say i dont
respect you
its the other
way around
you say i am

making a horror movie!!!

all summer long ive been watchin horror movies and now i want to write one all i have is the title: Blood On Sight
so if you guys have any good ideas for this movie please tell me!!!!


now tht ive got ur attetion keep reading! ok if ure anything lik mer n u watch tv shows tht are ment for toddlars thn ure gonna luv ths show caled Pocoyo if u hav directv it comes on every nite at 10 on nickjr nxt i recently made a facebook(now my frens can stop giving me shit!) n i only hve 30 frens so frend me Shay Tilley(profile pic is Mikey) n on facebook thers ths stupid sims game thts pissin me off bcuz i hav no idea how to go places or met pepz cause i hve to flatter someone n th only person ik is tht bella chick and thanks also how do u snd frend requests on here?


last night i had a dream that me and my friends where at this weird convention some type place but bands played there and me and my friend frankie where walking outside in the snow than i saw Andy Sixx and i went up to him and was like "ANDY can you sign my arm?" and i pulled this pen from nowhere and he was like yeah so i pulled up my left sleeve and on the part where your elbow is(the inside) was this cut and Andy was like "Wow i need to get one of those" and i was like "Yeah!" than frankie said "It was an accident" and i was like "Yeah i slipped and that shit hurt like hell" than he signed

problems with a website

only i could have trouble tryin to make an account on ive made TWO accounts and both went fuckin wrong first it says that it sent something to my yahoo when you first make dndnt than when i logged in it said i had a false password so i hit the recover my password button it said it sent to my dndnt THAN i have no fuckin idea how to post stories and shit like that on there so im having problems

my mom is a total wanna be know-it-all and bitch

we wher n the car and my dad has the most dumbest and horrible cd ive ever heard it makes my ears bleed and my mom turned the radio up and my 4-year old cousin asks "why isnt there any rock music on here?" and i laughed and my mom was like "there is rock on here R&B" and im like theres no rock on here just a waste of talent,money,and time than my mom gave me this huge talk about heavy metal she was like all that heavy metal has screaming and i was like not all of it some yes and she says no its just screaming and i was like nuh uh and shes like yeah i know i wanted to say "how would you when


i was going through my friends list and i saw Gerard Ray Frank and Mikeys's names with red stars beside them and uh is that really them bcuz if it is im gonna die of a heart attack


i made this song a few days ago and sung it to my mom and she dndnt like it and gave me this huge speech and it pissed me off that i dndnt finish it but the song is about a girl who's husband gets killed and at first she's really depressed than she realizes she likes the pain and she wants to feel it agan and its a really good,and i wanna know what you guys think of it,its called 'pass'

i saw the clouds move in
i heard the thunder roar
i felt the earth move
and i cried when i lost you
i urged for more pain
i love the feel of tears
i kept it to my heart
and i never let it part
the knife felt