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Hot, Sweaty and Sticky

Chapter 10: Fighting My Own Demons

I sat on the couch eatting popcorn, watching Dextor's Labotory. It was roughly around 10:30-11 p.m, my parents had already gone to bed. All the lights inside the house were off, making the headlights on Frank's car completely noticable. I bit down hard on the popcorn when I heard Mikey and Frank giggle, their footsteps stopping outside the door. I knew what I was about to do was wrong. Total invasion of privacy, but hey. I was only looking out for Mikey. In a way. I turned the t.v down and listened: "So I really had fun tonight." Frank said. "Yeah, yeah.

Hot, Sweaty And Sticky

Chapter 9: I'm Not Jealous!

Saturday night came a lot faster than hoped. I had spent the rest of the week trying to avoid Frank and Mikey's many smiles and giggles. They weren't even dating yet! Like for fuck's sake! I thought I would be able to handle myself, but God. Could they make it hard. Frank had walked Mikey to and from his locker, carried his books, and even pulled the chair out for him! But I wasn't jealous! I could deal with Frank being polite (which he better had been), all the whispers, and all the cute pet names.

Hot, Sweaty And Sticky

Chapter 8: Oh Shit!

I stared mystified at my brother. Maybe it I closed my eyes and opened them a few times, it'll make things better. So I did. Only it didn't work as hoped. Instead, everytime I opened my eyes, I sae Mikey looking right back at me. I closed my eyes again and prayed what I just heard was only my imgnation. But like before, when I opened my eyes, Mikey was right there. His face reminding me that yes indeed Mikey had said yes. Frank had asked out my little brother and my little brother had said yes. i wasn't jealous. Or so I thought. I didn't even like Frank like that.

Hot, Sweaty, And Sticky

Chapter 7- Someone Shoot Me!

"Why'd you tell him that?!" I shoutedto Mikey the next day at breakfast. Stupid Frank! Stupid Mikey! Ugh! Stupid Frank! I don't know why I let something as simple as that bother me, but it did. A lot! Like crazy! "He told me he was gonna ask some dude out and he wanted to know if he looked, like, pretty or some shit. Mikey shrugged taking another bit from his FruitLoops. I heavily sighed and mentally face-palmed when I realized Frank was gonna ask Mikey out. Mikey wasn't gay! God! I felt so bad for Frank right then, but.

Hot, Sweaty And Sticky

~ Chapter 6 continued~

I cleared my throat. "Thanks." Frank smiled his reponse. "Gerard, i'm making another batch, wanna mix it?" Grandma asked walking into the living room. "Uh yeah." I went into the kitchen totally dazed and confused. "Where's the batter?" I shouted. "On the counter sweetheart." She said walking to the closet. "Can I trust to leave you boys by yourselves while I go run am errand?" "Uh yeah." We all said. "Good! I should only be an hour." She grabbed her keys and walked out the door. "Well, i'm going back to sleep." Mikey said heading towards the staircase.

Hot, Sweaty And Sticky Frerard

Chapter 6- To Many Mixed Signals! make Up Your Damn Mind!

"Gerard sweetie, time to get up." Mom said nudging me. "Uh what?" I moaned rolling over onto my side. "Grandma's here." She beamed. I jumped from the bed. "Grandma!" I shouted running down the stairs. "Oh Gerard! My goodness your hair, long as ever!" She said hugging me. "What are you doing here?" I huffed. "Came to 'hang' with my grandkids." She smiled patting my arm. "Oh my judeness! Grandma this coffee is AMAZING! Oh Lordy!" Mikey shouted to the heavens. "Haha well thank you Mikey." "Oh Gerard.

How Sweaty And Sticky Frerard

Chapter 5 continued

"I haven't changed mom. You did." Tears filled her eyes. "I'm still me." Each one fell one after the other. "I know baby. I know adn i'm so sorry Gerard i'm so sorry." And just as fast as it happened,I felt my mother embrace. "I'm sorry mom,i'm so sorry." I cried. "You have nothing to be sorry about." "Yes I do! Yes I do." For what seemed like years we sat there holding each other,adn for the first time in a whole year,I enjoyed being alone with her.

"I love you!" Mom said dropping me off at home.

Hot,Sweaty And Sticky Frerard

So sorry it took me forever to post the new chapter. Damn school!

Chapter 5: How Do I explain Things?

Just a mer one month ago Frank had told me that her had a crush on Mikey,which I was cool with. Frank had come over every day,even spent weekends. Our friend ship got stronger and so did Frank's love for Mikey. I wanted to say something but couldn't,wouldn't. Ray and Bob had come over and we all decided we wanted to start a band.
"My fucking asshole hurts!" Frank said. We were sitting at our table at lunch. "What you been putting in there?" Ray asked teasing. "More like who." Frank laughed.

Hot Sweaty And Sticky Frerard

Chapter 4-What....The...Fuck?!?!?!?

I stayed up all night long wondering what Frank meant.He had said it so low but I heard it."Do you know if he's single?" He hadn't said it to my face,but the question stilled dawned on me.
"Mikey i'm walking today!" "Ok" He put his bowl in the sink,grabbed his bag,and followed outside. "Ok so what is it?" Mikey asked.

Hot Sweaty And Sticky Frerard

Chapter 3-More Than Just Your Average Friendly Ice-Cream Cone

Me and Frank sat at my favorite table rught under the big oak tree. "So you're lactose and a veggie?" I asked licking the ice-cream. "Uh huh no meat no dairy." "What do you eat?!" He was looking at the table when he let out the most cutest laugh i've ever heard. "Believe it or not there's things i can eat." "Like what?" "Things that don't have meat or dairy." I stared at him and to my surprise i was actully turned on by him.