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Why Not?

ohmyfrank, so i finally decided to post what mcr things i have, i mean, why not? so all the mcr things i have are... 3 of their shirts, my converse (which i decorated to be mcrified ;D ) ah a killjoy bracelet that i made that says 'BAD LUCK' cause of their bad luck beads. um.. a bp hoodie... (i think i'm getting the 'chem' hoodie for my birthday XD ) and i have a poster i just got from the hct (and i'm getting more posters for my birthday of them and a few other bands :3 ) and MY LOVELY NEIGHBOR just gave me their black parade book and the box set thing for the black parade XD XD XD i was so happy to see it! it's so beautiful. I also have the umbrella academy (as a book and on my ipod) so that sort of relates to mcr cause of gee.... um YEAH i think that all i have so far........... so, what do you killjoys, black paraders, sweet revengers, and vampires have thats of mcr??

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i should really be doing my biology paper now...

Put your iPod on shuffle and see what song comes on for each category(: And....... BEGIN!:
1. If I had a band it'd be called: This is How I Disappear - MCR
2. When I die, my headstone will say: Wasted - Cartel (oh goodness bahahah)
3. At my wedding, in my vows I will say: If I Had You - Adam Lambert (how did this get on my ipod??)
4. If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: Helena - MCR (..alright that makes sense)
5. When my boyfriend makes me mad I tell him: Children Surrender - Black Veil Vrides ( :D )
6. When I party I like to: I Never Told You What I Do For A Living - MCR (what..)
7. When people send me annoying forwards, I scream: All I Want For Christmas Is You - MCR (tehe)
8. When I go out, people look at me and think: SOS - Rihanna (...what...!!?!?!?)
9. When hanging out with friends, we like to be: My Way Home Is Through You - MCR
Alright these make sense ;)

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WOO! Snap goes the Dragon

AHH so i dyed my hair this purpleish color and a cappuccino color blending at the bottom :3 well i like it. my mom said she likes it because she likes me with darker hair so that's good :) um.. QUICK QUESTION: so i found out the only shoes that actually fit me and are comfy are converse (and uggs and these combat boots i have) so QUESTION:: what color converse should i get? i want low top ones and i already have brown of those... i'm either looking for black, maroon, or purple. any thoughts?

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i have a good heart <3

SO basically (i explained this in past blogs) that i color/design pencil cases, sell them for 5 bucks, and i'm donating/buying supplies for this indpendent livings study for a special needs program at my brothers school (he has autism), and SO FAR.. :) i have $118 XD but i need to give my mom 40 because we just bought a bunch of things like video games, dvds, and stuffs. HECK, the kids get IPADS!... lucky ducks. um.. so far business is going good, i made 7 pencil cases and i have.. oh ya know just 13 more to complete... ah.. i know what i'm doing this week :P

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I made another one of these glorious things! COMMENT! XD

ALRIGHTY so yesterday i started this thing that you can take below and i think they're SUPER fun!! please comment on what ya get! i love reading them! xD

jan- i smacked
feb- i jumped off a building (and lived) with
march- i had a coffee rush with
april- i swam with sharks with
may- i dyed my hair purple with
june- i licked
july- i bounced on a trampoline with
august- i had a romance with
sept- i played paint ball with
oct- i hugged
nov- i bought 52 pairs of shoes with
dec- i had a sass off with

1~3- Mikey Way
4~7- Brendon Urie
8~10- Gerard Way
11~14- Jayy Von Monroe
15~18- Ray Toro
19~21- Billie Joe
22~24- Spencer Smith
25~27- Dahvie Vanity
28~29- Bob Bryar
30~31- Frank Iero

red- because we're madly in love <3
orange- because we're fearless killjoys!
yellow- because we wanted to play ping pong
light green- because we have foam swords

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i made this up! lets see how it works.. COMMENT!

alrighty, so i just made this up... comment on what you guys get!!! i think it turned out pretty good :P
jan- i licked
feb- i rode a unicorn with
march- i overdosed on coffee with
april- i casted a spell on
may- i jumped on a trampoline with
june- i had a sword fight with
july- i had a crush on
aug- i ran with wolves with
sept- i hugged
oct- i kissed
nov- i made a smoothie with
dec- i had a pillow fight with
1~3-Gerard Way
4~8-Frank Iero
9~13-Ray Toro
14~18-Mikey Way
19~22-Andy Biersack
24~28-Brendon Urie
29~31-Bob Bryar
red- because we're madly in love
orange- because that's how we roll
yellow- because we're fearless killjoys
green- because we're secretly unicorns
blue- because we felt like it
purple- because we're just that sassy ;)
pink- because we do that every wednseday!
white- because we're vampires!
black- because we're demolition lovers :P

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SO.. now that i've got your attention (hopefully :P ) if you didn't know i'm designing pencil cases and sell them to raise money for my old schools special needs program. and SO FAR it's going pretty good :) i sell them 5 bucks each and i've got about 16 orders and 5 of them are complete... well i know what i'm doing this weekend haha but anyways, i talked to the schools special needs program teachers and they totally loved them! they're gonna ask the principal if i could SELL them in their school store! and they want me to paint 2 murals on the wall to make it feel more homey! AH! they still have to get approval but if the teachers talk about it with the principal, i'm on the goodside with alot of teachers :), i might be able to do it xD WISH ME GOOD LUCK PLEASE!!

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Well? :S

1. THIS IS NOT ME. just saying, it's not (though this girl is really pretty!!) and
2. THIS PIC is for the hair color i want. it looks like it is a wine/brown color at the top and near the tips it slowly gets darker turning to a dark brown/black. well... what do you guys think? my hair was a burgundy color but it washed out (within a week...cheap) and it actually gave it a different color so it's still a brown but it has an light orange tint to it and sometimes you can see the burgundy (or you used to) and where my shoulders are my hairs like 2 inch longer, and it has like a wave in it at the bottom. and you can see my roots so i kind of want to dye it :S WELL KILLJOYS, REVENGERS, BLACK PARADERS, VAMPIRES, what do you think of it? any other ideas??

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PenCil cASes! To keep you updated-

TADA! here's my pencil cases that i design/decorate with the most amazingest invention in the world- sharpies :D on the front is usually a little pattern & it says "SING IT FOR THE WORLD --> -->" xD i don't know where the arrows came from i just... like them there :P and... like i said it goes to my little organization thing (just look in my past blogs cause i'm don't feel like explaining them) but I finished 3! now for like.. 5-8 more to finish. ah, well, whatever :) Anyways, how was your day killjoys? :3

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If Ya Want You Can Sing Along,

(your turn :D )