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Just a Doodle :3 or Doodles

just small doodles i drew from tastycake wrapper holder things. and then i put them on my wall! just a little love :3 tada!

Whatever Google, i'm Asking Alexandria

SO- ASKING ALEXANDRIA. this song "the final episode" has been stuck in my head. i prefer danny (the singer) with long black hair (like in this vid) cause now he's got a beard and his hair is like... short and tan :\. but whatever. it's funny, i'm like the only girl in my grade who likes this kind of music (except for two other girls). i know a FEW dudes who like this music. theres this one guy who's in one of my classes (gym) and i REALLY wanna have a convo with him about music cause it seems he'd like this kind of music (screamo/rock/alternative)... if it helps... HE HAS A LIP RING!

killjoy jacket thing. please help! :3

alright so this is my killjoy jacket that i sortof just made. i do have a question though...for the form... 1. where it says: "a link to an image of your design" ... how are we suppose to get a link? can someone explain that to me? :3 i'm not a computer whiz so this is why i'm asking these questions.
2. it says in the rules/agreements, you need your name and adress? the rules are here: so does anyone know where we put our name/adress? erg i'm not a whiz at all of this so help would be nice :3


so i found this new band called Cherri Bomb. and they are FABULOUS. i think my favorite song by them is the pretender xD anyone else heard of them? if ya haven't GO CHECK THEM OUT!!! they almost remind me of mcr just cause well the girl with the red hair (i think its the drummer) and just how they kindof have a punk look :) um.. yeah!


SO lately i haven't been listening to mcr as much :S i'm not too sure what's going on- i remember the first time i heard them that's ALL i played and basically the only thing i talked about with my friends. but now since i'm opening up to different bands like black veil brides, rise against, escape the fate, blood on the dance floor, etc, i feel as though i'm... hm.. cheating on mcr? yeah cheating would be the right word. it just feels weird :\ maybe it's because i've replayed all of their songs over and over again that i've gotten used to them and need something new?

Thievery- it gets to me

Write the first thing that comes to mind.

01 Hello: hi
02 Love: potato
03 Cow: moo
04 Peace: sign
05 Sky: blue
06 Mr. Big: small
07 Horror: shrimp

Answer with only one word.

01 You are an: artist
02 You drink: wtaer
03 Your first kiss: nope
04 Where are you: America
05 You like: seafood
06 Hate is: meh
07 Love is: beautiful
08 You dream of: BlackVeilBridesAndMyChem (yes that IS one word)
09 You can’t spell: definitly... definitely...
10 Your favourite color is: BlackRedDarkdarkpurpleWhite (again, one word, i declared it)

Answer either yes or no. No “maybes” allowed.

01 You like a boy/girl:


hiya so i'm kinda stuck. do you guys think i should buy this unicorn hoodie i found at hot topic??? i mean.. it kindof reminded me of mikey since he just ADORES unicorns. this be what it looks like:
please help D: -THANKS!!!
(sorry, for some reason it won't let me save the picture to my desktop. freaky, huh?)

Songs D': :D

so i noticed whener i listen to the song 'sing' i always think of it as a sad song. i don't know if it's because of the music video, or just how much emotion is in it (i mean it's saying SING it for the BOYS, sing it for the GIRLS, everytime you lose it sing it for the WORLD; sing it for everyone!). i just get all like... not really emotional but i feel the emotion in it. it's also the same with 'cancer' and 'early sunsets over monroeville' and even 'famous last words' and 'demolition lovers'. P.S., can you guys recommend some good bands & songs for me?

Lying Is Your Favorite Passion

yay! a drawing i made! it's sort of suppose to BE helena but it's not.. i mean it's got her dress (that i modified) and sortof her hair with these streaks so it's not really her.. but... it's someone... what do you guys think??

WELL, what do you gusy get!!?

alrighty, super bored here, just drawing and all that jazz. um.... i really like making these so... HERE!!!!

red: i made out with
orange: i slept with
yellow: i threw up on
green: i had a balloon sword fight with
blue: i danced dirty with
poiple (purple): i rode a unicorn with
pink: i hugged
black: i had an intense pillow fight with
white: i had a bad romance with
grey: i fell in love with
brown: i got drunk with
other...?: i traveled to narnia with

HAIR COLOR (that it is now)-
brown: Brendon Urie
dark brown: Gerard Way
blonde: Daniel Radcliffe
dirty blonde: Ronnie