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hair ideas :p

hi so i'm dying my hair tomorrow early in the morning (i'm not doing it, i'm getting it done by a professional) and i was thinking about the picture i posted but (at the very last minute) i'm not too sure. at the tips it was blue in it and i wanted something in my hair with blue. :3 i'll think of doing any color except for green, orange, yellow/blonde, and bright pink cause they don't suit me, and i would like more than 1 hair color :S sooooooo any ideas????

asdfjkl; hi :]

omg i haven't posted in a while :O anyways,
so i'm planning on dying my hair next week on december 30th (woohoo! :D). i was planning on getting it this color xD pretty funky huh? i showed my friends the hair color and some of them said:
1. i was brave, 2. they wouldn't talk to me (blah), and 3. that it was so cool and that they really wanna see it. everyones eyes went really wide when i showed them xD so i hope it'll look good...also,
i was planning on learning... THE DRUMS :OO i attempted guitar but that didn't work out so well so i thought i should learn the drums :D i really want a drum

Hiiii :)

SO over the december/winter break i have, i was considering dying my hair :3 yes, i have dyed my hair twice before (first time a burgundy color, second tim e a deep dark purple with brown underneath). and when i say "i'm dying my hair a color" i actually DO mean a color :DD right now, since my hair color has faded, it is a medium brown with a deep burgundy/magenta tint (that's really light though)... um... since the pic shows about... 5 colors total (black, purple, burgundy/magenta, orange, blue) i might do all of them or just like 3/4 color (probably all of them though xD imma daredevil :P).

La Dispute :3

so, if you don't know who/what la dispute is, it's a band (one of my favorites actually :D) and i drew this picture/painting to show them my love <3 ahh i HIGHLY recommend listening to them!!! xD well.. it took me 8 hours BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. TOTALLY. WORTH. IT. :] comments??


:'] i thought this was pretty cute xD ryan ross (former member of panic! at the disco, now from the young veins) and i thought this was cute cause the sign (obviously) says 'my chemical romance makes me dance :)' AH <3 <3 <3 <3 xD :D :P


1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!! i'm thankful for all of you cause you guys are the BEST! xD and i'm thankful for music and art and my creativity :P eat lots of turkey! and... i guess if you're a vegetarian eat some mashed potatoes and veggies :]
2. does anyone know what the transmissions are suppose to do? i've just been pressing random buttons and stuff but it always comes up as the news zone for this website. help?

Let's make it last :3

c'mon killjoys, black paraders, sweet revengers, and demolition lovers! WE GOT THIS!!! :DDD

suffering- not fun.

alrlight so i'm in a dilemma. for the past 4 weeks, i've been feeling sick in the mornings. during those 4 weeks, i have thrown up 5 times (sorry to get descripitive, i just gotta know what's wrong with me) and the throw up isn't really foof (unless i had just eaten something) but it's just alot of spit and flem. i went to the doctors and they said it was anxiety (from getting nervous alot)... yes, i do get nervous very easily but i have no reason too. i feel nausceous (horrible spelling, sorry) in the morning and the past 2 days i have gone to the nurse and been sent home from school.

Super Small Poem :P

Deep in our hearts
We’re seaming up the memories,
In an everlasting ribbon
Where there’s no boundary.
Here we are, stitching up the lonely past
To have our hearts combine together at last.
Our hearts pounding, the sound of
Crashing, slamming, the melody now comes.
Together our passion dances, it sings
We’re both bounded in an unbreakable string.
Just a super small poem i wrotre at like 11 pm last night
I guess it's about a strong love, but anyways,
What do ya

meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow :3

waking up at 830 in the morning cause you have a totally awesome idea that you want accomplished. i should really be working on my ela project, but... i decided to do this :3 it's just my cat (romeo) and i made him the nyan cat! :D i mean.. it doesn't REALLY look like a poptart but... he was eating the paper so, yeah, it's a poptart :3 what do you guys think?