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Dont' you love it?

when you get done doing whatever, and you take a drive with your mom and Welcome to the Black Parade comes on and immediately your mom turns the volume up, you roll down the windows, and you drive through a neighborhood with a smile on your face the entire time? that, my friends, is pure happiness to me :]


so i made these from plain white slip-on vans with sharpie paint pens. they took me 3 days and i love them >.< they relate to Asking Alexandria's song 'The Final Episode' from the lyrics: "the tainted clock is counting down" because they'res clocks and clock gears and numbers on them. i love being creative <3


all of this spam is annoying. they take up too much space for our blogs D: alright. that is all <3

help please :3

so with my creative abilities, i've decided to buy a pair of plain canvas (slip on) shoes and paint on them. i researched online and i read that the best paint to use is acrylic. i need ideas on what to draw. they can relate to music and some of the bands i like are: asking alexandria, black veil brides, alesana, attack attack and green day. IDEAS, PLEASE COMMENT! (and the ideas don't need to relate to mcr, actually i'd rather have them not relate to mcr, sorry, just because i have a lot of mcr stuff)

hair ideas

hi so i'm going to dye my hair (again) soon in a few weeks, until my roots are showing more. i'm doing it myself because i don't want to waste my money getting it done at a salon.... any colors are welcome (except for blonde because i'd rather not bleach my hair)... by the way: my hairs about 2.5 inches past my shoulders, and it's wavy at the bottom, and right now it's a dark brown with a purple tint and i have a red streak right beneath my ear... so... colors?

The Odyssey

i made this scylla painting (scylla is a 6 headed monster with 3 sets of teeth and 12 legs, it's a creature from Homer's epic: The Odyssey). my language arts teacher wanted one (every year he asks one person to make something relating to the odyssey and i got chosen) so i painted this :D i did really draw the 3 sets of teeth or the 12 legs... and it's suppose to be coming from the rocks but i didn't have time to paint that so i just made it coming out of the water. tada

Falling In Reverse


ba boom *chh*

i haven't posted in forever! or at least 10 days. anways, i wanted to say that i'm taking the drums :D (and if you're wondering, yes, i am a girl, so it seems a bit different) and they're super fun! so far i got a little bit of a beat and i just think it' s a blast learning them :D i hope i get a set soon :P i talked with my drum teacher about it, asking him why there weren't as many girl drummers as guy drummers. why do you think there are more guy drummers than girl drummers?

Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria :3

for any of you Asking Alexandria lovers, heres a pic of danny that i just drew :D

hair dying and bands

hi everyone :D to start off with, the picture is just of me and my previously dyed hair streak. i used splat paint (they have great colors) and that color was luscious raspberries and it actually came out to look like gerards red hair (even though i dyed it twice to make it really red-totally worth it though) although it's a little more pink than gerard's. also, i just into this band alesana- in the beginning of one of their songs they remind me a bit of mcr's revenge era).
also, QUESTION! i need some bands to listen to.