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-all of this spam. just fuck it.

just drawing

got bored so i decided to draw this man. it's not any one in specific (okay it was suppose to be jake gyllenhaal, an actor) but it doesn't look like him anymore; though i still like it, like the way i did my shading :3

Jake Jellohall

OK basically, i decided to take on the advantage of draw jake gyllenhaal's face. (now if you don't know who he is, he's an actor, and if i do say so myself, he is quite handsome XD). i know this is an mcr website but i felt as though i should share :3 picture will come... eventually!


Just made this, and it turned out better than i expected :D COMMENT!

-Month you were born:
Jan- I made out with
Feb- I punched
Mar- I rode a dragon with
Apr- I had a war with
May- I started a band with
Jun- I cloned
Jul- I punted a cat with
Aug- I ate a unicorn with
Sept- I went leprechaun hunting with
Oct- I swam with the mermaids with
Nov- I went on a date with
Dec- I fell in a passionate, deep love with

-Color shirt you're wearing:
Red- Gerard Way
Orange- Jared Leto
Yellow- Mikey Way
Green- Frank Iero
Blue- Ray Toro
Purple- Ronnie Radke
Maroon- Oli Sykes
Pink- Brendon Urie
Black- Billy

favorite bands so far

1. bring me the horizon
2. asking alexandria
3. a day to remember
4. suicide silence
5. cherri bomb
6. black veil brides
:D (mcr is my all time favorite band, even though i don't listen to them as much anymore)

hair dye gone wrong

here's my twitter for all of you who feel like following me :D i'll follow back!:
^my names just Mia^
this is for singitfortheworld123 (aka natasha :D) and here's my roots.. sorry, bad quality, it was taken with my webcam. but literally, the part you see red is just like an inch/2 inches long and it just ends there. then my hair goes brown. okay, yeah, i know it really isn't TERRIBLE, i mean it could be worst. i just don't like it :c but DYING IT TOMORROW! WOO!

dyed hair

basically i dyed my hair (to cover up my roots) and well.. i dyed it burgundy. except it seemed to show the most color AT my roots so it's kind of cool and weird. and it basically gave my hair a red tint, although, i thought it was going to be more purple than red. but overall i like it :] if you ever feel the need that you want to dye your hair, you totally should!

Cherri Bomb

this band, of 4 girls, 13-15 years old, are fuckin amazing <3 i highly recommend checking them out. one of them even wears an mcr bracelet! these girls are amazing! the song is "let it go"


so i just created a tumblr and i have no idea how to use it... but that's ok!
here it is:
yeah ok um let's see how this goes :D

A new album means...

that there are possibly, maybe, could be, SHOULD be, 2/3 NEW MUSIC VIDEOS! i'm pumped for this new album XD