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So basically i'm in love with buying shoes. i think it shoes my creativity (you'll see what i mean). so since the holidays are approaching, i was wonder what are some good shoe brands that i could look forward to getting? i already have these brands: adidas, sperry topsiders (they're a leopard print, which is what i mean by my creative side), converse, wanted combat boots, toms, nikes, blowfish, coach, uggs, rocketdog, havaianas (<---$30 for a pair of flip flops o.O), and a few old navy flilpflops and that's basically it.

Drawings :3 part 4

My version of the girls: mother war, helena, and the white lady (<-- that's her name right?) of mcr vids. feel free to comment and i'll most likely be posting more pictures. if you want me to draw anything again, just comment and i'll most likely draw it :P um...yeah...that's about it.
-Keep the Faith

Stolen :]

1)What's your favorite song from the Danger Days Album?
Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back

2) What about from Black Parade?
This Is How I Disappear/The End

3) Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge?
To The End./You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

4) I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love?
Headfirst for Halos/Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us

5) Someone just shouted, "My Chemical Romance is emo!" What do you do?
Yell: "I WILL GET BOB TO SLAP YOU. GO TAPE YOURFACE. VAFFANCULO (<--hehe it means f*** you in italian and it sounds like: va fun ghoul xD)

6) What's


Yeah i just decided to make this up myself...feel free to comment if you think i should add anything or if you agree ;D

My Chemical Romance...
☐ A. a band featuring Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro
☐ B. a band who saves lives
☐ C. a band who sings freaking amazing songs and whose lyrics have meaning
☐ D. one of the greatest bands ever to walk the planet
☐ E. a band summonded by the gods to share their heavenly music
☐ F. a band who have big hearts
☐ G. a band that cares about everyone
☐ H. a band whose music will never ever (ever) die and will carry on until the end
☑ I.

HEYYA Drawings :3 part 4?

HI so i decided to actually color in my: i'm not okay (i promise) picture and i think it looks pretty good...i had trouble with the background and its okay, i mean, if i had more patience (i usually have alot of patience when drawings, except for this case) it's my style. mcr. yeah, totally. it is. i decided that me. yeah...i....i like it. i do. um..comment? ;P
-Keep the Faith
Darn that background is annoying me :X oh well ( |: | <-- MIKEY WAY POKER FACE!....sortof.. )

COLORS! to the max

SO if anyones reading this, it'd be very so dear to me if you could help me with a little question: what color should i dye my hair!? I've wanted to dye it for a while now, and i've gotten a few colors:: a deep burgundy or a red velvet cupcake color **look it up on google** or if i should just leave it as it is (it's like a dark medium brown). If anyone could help that would be great!
-Keep the Faith


I'm not okay (I promise) pic i just finished & scanned so it's pretty light...whatta ya think?


HEY so i've sortof ran out of ideas for drawings & i wanted to know if anyone wanted to suggest a drawing i should, well, draw! :3 feel free to comment & we'll see how it turns out! i'll post it when i finish it!
Oh and congrats gee for 7 years xD Keep the Faith!

Posters? :)

So i've finally decided to buy a bunch of posters of bands i love and cover my room with them (or at least part of my room) and i wanted to know where theres places to buy them pretty cheap (under $20-$15 would be darling) ---if you have any places that sell goodpriced band posters comment! -Thanks

Drawings :3 part 3

Same old Same old . feel free to comment, much appreciated :D