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trololololo stolen *** bored

Put your Ipod on shuffle and answer :D this shall be interesting...

1.How Are You Feeling Today?
Kill All Your Friends (B-Side) - MCR

2.Will I get Far In Life?
Hey, Soul Sister - Train (yeah that makes a bunch of sense)

3.What Is my Best Friend's Theme Song?
Hang 'Em High - MCR

4. What is/WasHigh School Like?
Take It Off - Kesha ( ew 1. because it's on my ipod and 2. well..ew)

5.What is The Best Thing About Me?
Thank You For The Venom - MCR o.O

6.How Was Yesterday?
Again - Flyleaf (these aren't making any sense)

7.What is my Love Life Like?
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

8.What will my

APPARENTLY...gerard created me?...

Cleverbot: oh. where are you?
user: oh. where are you?
cleverbot: i'm in space. where are you?
user: at gerard way's house.
cleverbot: it's not your house it's your creators home.
user: Gerard Way is my creator?
cleverbot: thank you.
-------and a disturbing wth--------
cleverbot: really? we don't seem to have alot in common. i think they are terrible.
user: F*CK YOU.
cleverbot: yes, please.
user: ....
cleverbot: are you an actor?


so APPARENTLY cleverbot is gerard and he said it wasn't working out and that he's cheating on me with frank! I knew it.

Bands? ;]

HEY, so now ever since i've heard of mcr (it was like this year/last year, yeah i know right, i didn't know what i was missing :X) and now i've been more into alternative/rock music! i wanted whoever is reading this to "subscribe" (i guess you can call it that) some bands that play alternative. i already listen to: mcr (duh), black veil brides, leathermouth, the killers, muse, green day, msi, linkin park, fall out boy, p!atd (they're alright), pencey prep, evanescence and basically thats it.

P.E. Help.

SO BASICALLY i found out on my schedule i have gym first thing in the morning for the first semester. like right after homeroom i have the morning. anyone have advice on how to not get all gross and sweaty (i usually don't ew) besides like being late or having a doctors appointment? though there will be winter holidays so thats good -thanks :]
-Keep the Faith


SOOOO hi. after i told my mom how gee created the umbrella academy she said i should do a comic book. so i'm going to surprise her with creating one! so...for the holidays (christmas) is in about...5 months? and i just started the comic. i don't want it to be too long and it's only me working on it & i've got these charts explaining characters & the plot (though that's not really sketched out yet, i'll take a chance) and i've still got to color it and stuff.

Cleverbot knows :3

EVEN CLEVERBOT KNOWS FRERARD! i just wanted to share that because i find it funny xD

HEHE! a dream xD

SOOO :) i had this dream and it went like this...
i was sitting with gee frank mikey and ray in the middle of my track (also as a football field) and we had these cool power watches that made us run super fast & we were playing duck duck goose & it was mikey's turn so he said 'GOOSE!' to me so i was trying to tag him but he just kept running around everywhere and then there was a crowd watching us because we were the only 5 playing and i was like 'DANG MIKEY.

Ahh... :3

it's sortof mcr related....not really um.............i just felt i needed/wanted to post this. it's got some skeleton dark demon shadow things, mother war, and helena (<-- i love that name), and some gravestones, a coffin, (this is semi dark, right? gah that's alright that's how i roll), and um...theres a moon. a ghost shadow demon thing drinking some poison (geeze my imagination), and there is a twisty windy maze tree. please comment :) you can say it's creepy, it doesn't affect me :P