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poems... :\

SO if anyones read my poems (just go to my page, blog, thing) i posted some poems a made (they're semi creepy, when you read them you'll know what i mean) and i shared some with my mom and the next things i know she says: "i don't want you posting this stuff! it's not right!" and stuff like that.

poem 3: memories last forever

I glare out this window, filled with guilt
-losing my mind, am I? It's surely to wilt
I stare at you now, how you lay there so still
as I punctured you with this dagger, it was an amazing thrill
there you lie facedown in a pool full of blood
when I stabbed you with this knife, you crumbled down with a thud
I fix my gaze on this tarnished red blade
when I realize it now this memory shall never fade
I pull the curtains shut as I look at you, one last glance
Your light is now out, let your ghost forever dance

^hey just posting this today (i was trying to post a poem every day though tomorrow i'm

poem 2: this barren land

Ticking and ticking, the clock strikes down
one by one we all wear a frown
together we stand, hand in hand
glancing around at this barren land
we sigh, we sing, we hang out heads low
ever so slowly our sorrow minds grow
we cry, we weep, we should not make a sound
Because next thing you know it's our turn in the ground

--Loaded Daggers

poem 1: stained daggers

Your post is trending, your faith is ending
Together we stand here-
In the blink of an eye, haha, you’ll surely die
For you, the end is near-
Next to you I stand, with dagger in hand
With only a broken heart to mend-
With little or no doubt, your light forever will go out
Among the earth you now blend-

^hey this is my first poetry entry/poem thing and i just felt i needed to release that energy on something (i've been feeling a little down lately) and i just came up with this.

Piercings X_O

so i've been thinking about getting my third hole pierced in my ear (i already have 2 on each obviously) and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna do it but...i've also been thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced x_o i asked my mom & dad & even my uncle and they said it would be fine if i got it. i'm turning 15 in oct and in 9th grade. do you guys think i'm too young for it?? i wouldn't mind waiting until like next year (when i'm 16 which is when my mom thought i should get it). i'm kinda scared if i ever get it (and i know they leave a scar) there any other piercings that would be good?

Just Me?...

SO i'm in 9th grade and a girl and i love to listen to alternative/rock music (like mcr, bvb, msi, green day, leathermouth, etc), and i was it just me?! i honestly do not know a girl in my grade that likes any of these bands (except for a few who like mcr, green day, and muse). they mostly all like pop/hiphop/rap/country (eecck in my opinion). i, like, love screaming music (like some songs from black veil brides i adore them xD) i do not mind it at all & sometimes i fall asleep while listening to screamo! (is that right, screamo?

Advice Please?

SO, i kinda decided that i wanted to get a piercing (i already have my first two holes in both ears) and i wanted to get my third hole pierced (both ears). i also wanted to get my cartilage done on my left ear.

We'll love again and we'll laugh again <3

these pics just make me laugh<3 tehe i love gee's face in the first pic & how ray looks like he's in lala land aww i miss bob

That Moment (no. 1)...

....when you decided to put your hand in a cupcake while just casually talking in an interview about the band and saying, "Look at it! I just put my hand in a cupcake!"

( i, might/maybe if you killjoys want me to, post some mcr moments, like ray & the cupcake, on here just to brighten the day up and because some of them make me laugh :] ).

Sassy? I think YES.

SO AS YOU ALL KNOW, gerard was seen wearing that (as i call it) his sassy cat hat xD i's the max...and i kinda want one xD i mean it looks REALLY comfy and soft and .... sassy and soft. so i found one! i think it's exactly it or one just like it! it's from and it's the snow leopard design and it's only $63 which is half the price from another website that sold these (i forget which one). and ya know i'm gonna get that hat ._. i am totally getting it. yep i decided it. i'm gettin' it. and nnnooo one can stop me.