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so...i drew this \m/ ( ^ - ^ ) \m/

okay, so zone 6 is working :) good :) here's a drawing a drew took me about....3 days? it was pretty fun making :) if you can guess what song it is even though...the names in the picture...but still guess xD it's one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums XDDD
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers


I don't wanna be cool. I realized that from mcr, like Gerard said. I don't wanna be cool. ever. this band has really inspired me to be myself and embrace my originality. In school i'm not gonna care what people think about me. They either accept me for who I AM or the can just leave me the f*ck alone. I used to dress like everyone else last year (or at least tried) and absolutely hated it. It was uncomfortable and it just wasn't me because last year i didn't know who i was.

Nails :3

SO the first pic is of the two faces on the album of three cheers for sweet revenge (they're decent) and it took me two hours to get it about right and trust me- that seems like forever, and i did it a while ago like 2 months. the second pic is just my nails that i just did right now, and the base is a dark purple and i did the checkerboard myself (i usually always do my nails myself, i never go to a salon i just don't like them). And yeah :D
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers

So Um...MCR Turned Into...(And a Dream xD)

cats! with poptarts that match their killjoy outfits that can fly! so basically i was attempting to draw the nyan cat but of mcr version but....they don't really look like the nyan cat so i just call them cats with poptarts as bodies :) enjoy
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers

I Get Bored, So...

I draw mcr drawings when i'm bored so i just decided to come up this one on the beach! and my mom wouldn't let me put sunscreen on because she wants me to be tanner...?? someone explain that to me cause i look a little burnt. Alrighty :P
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers

Lefties...Lefty's? Left...Left Handed People ; )

So i'm a leftie or is it lefty... um...lefty...(i'm a fail at spelling) which ever one, for writing (which not many people in my grade are). And usually the response i get is...
"OMG...YOU'RE A LEFTY?! SINCE WHEN!?" **since when i was able to write...duh**
"Isn't that hard?? -person tries to write lefthanded- hey i think i'm getting the hang of it ;D"
-is writing-" do you write left handed??"
I mean come's not that hard people ; )
And my mom told me i could get my third hole pierced and my cartilage :D and i want this pretty small sterling silver feather after it heals and

E.T. by Katy Perry Spoof (Fail)

Here's a spoof of et by katy perry and's a fail i must warn you, but heck here it goes! just go with the beat from the beginning of the song:
♫ you're so hypnotizing
could you be a killjoy? could you be a draculoid?
fabulous and sassy
keepin my mask classy
they say be afraid, sing it for the boys (and) sing it for the girls, different killjoy name, we all understand you
you're from a whole 'nother zone, a different hideout
you open my eyes and ready to go we al make some more noise
blast me b-b-blast me, i'm a draculoid and i'm sortof paranoid?
save me s-s-save me, you won't get too

It's Better Off This Way :]

SO right now, i'm in sea isle (it's not that bad) and to spread the mcr love i decided to write 'MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE saves lives' and 'MCR is life' all in the sand everywhere :] so hopefully people will get the memo and to actually listen and like them. i'll probably be writing 'MCR' in the sand everywhere xD gotta love this band <3
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers


hey so if anyone could suggest a drawing of mcr to draw (like a little cartoon one with mikey, ray, frank, and gee saying something) that'd be great for the ideas and then i'll draw it and post it :] soo comment!
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers


Hey so i've been kinda down in the dumps lately and i did some semi stupid things (not outrageously stupid, i was just curious) and i'm still alittle down but then i listened to mcr and i felt as though i had a little more hope. I just wonder for example why things happnen, how life happens, why some people suffer and so on. So if anyone could comment on here and cheer me up that'd be great. Hopefully things will get better throughout the days.
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers