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i hate school so much..

well i'm off today that's the good part because we had a 'rain day' ? which basicallly means my high school got a bit flooded. i just went into high school so that means i'm a freshman :\ i can say i fcking hate it yesterday i had 6-7 hours of homework... FOR TWO SUBJECTS. and i hate my biology teacher she's nice but she just does way too much and i don't even understand biology, and language arts is alright but theres so many strict rules to each class :\ i hate it and i don't even think theres a killjoy in my grade OR school... so it sucks.

High School: The True Lives of the Miserable Freshmen

SO basically, since i'm blogging now, i have off from school due to a thunderstorm :) there was lightning, rain, and more lightning and rain xD which i absolutely love, so i'm guessing the streets and school was flooded so thank god for that. high school sucks. yesterday (ONLY MY SECOND DAY) i was doing 6 hours of homework... and if i have that much (this has happened to me in the past) i literally have a break down.

Chipped Nailpolish

is it just me or does anyone else love it when their nailpolish chips? i have to replaint them (i want to paint them black) and i just love it when it almost makes me feel like frank/gee from the vid 'i don't love you' cause if you look they have black nailpolish on but it's chipped. i just like it it feels not perfect which i guess i like :) anyone else feel that way? yes, no?

THE BREAKFAST MONKEY if you haven't heard a while ago (like....about 4 year ago i guess) Gerard made a little cartoon called: the breakfast monkey. omfg this stuff is hilarious... please watch :) i'm like! xD this i fucking hilarious xD Gee plays all the characters except the wrestler dude xD
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers

shirt ideas?

so whoever is reading this (sorry if i spell something wrong my 's' key isn't working propperly) i looked up 'art is the weapon' on google and people made some really awesome shirts :) so i was gonna do the same thing! um i'lls i need is like shirts and fabric paint so i can get them but what do you guys think i should draw/put on the shirt? any ideas?
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers

Happy Anniversary to Gee and Lynz <3

FIRST, i want to say happy anniversary to Gerard and Lynz! 4 years! I honestly think they make the most cutest couple ever, they were made for each other! I'm so glad they're together, i mean they both seem really happy :] well, hapy anniversary! you two are both of my role models! (besides frank, mikey, and ray) and is it just me or does anyone else thing Lynz is really pretty? :) i just think she's really pretty :P
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers


about my my chem pencil case i just created :) just spreading the mcr love. and yeah, for people who don't like my chem they are all gonna be jealous because they don't have a sexy pencil case like this ;) and i only used black, white, red, and purple because they're my favorite colors, and i had a pink pencil case (another reason why i covered it up, i don't prefer the color) and here it is!

Okaaayayyy... xD

so i found this on youtube and it's called 'Gerard Way is Sassy' i just...this blew my mind xDDD there is a reason why he is caled the sass master
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers

a thought to remember...

SO i kinda just wanted to say this, that when you first enter (this site...) it shows a pic of mcr preforming with brian may....if you look closely can see all of them...smiling... :) *except for frank he's turned around, silly silly frank, but i bet he's smiling* their smiles make me smile :D and like in gee's blog, *i think he said this?* that danger days was one of their best albums and now that i think about it i totally agree. they taught me to be myself and to be PROUD of myself and to show off my uniqueness/originality. i mean come one.


is Bob Bryar. and yes, i know, that is a pretty sexy picture i got of him ;D. i think mcr should ask bob if he could sub in at least until the end of the tour (and if bob actually wants to be in the band again) he could work with them on their new album xD please comment on here if you want Bob back <3 and maybe someone could tweet to the guys to suggest getting bob back? (i would but i don't have a twitter) PLEASE BRING BOB BACK! we love him <3