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Mikey Way/Kobra Kid as...

a f*cking unicorn kobra kid pony thing!!!! yeah, so i went online one day and saw a my little pony of andy biersack (the singer for black veil brides) so i thought 'HMMM...if they can make andy into a pony, why can't i make mcr into a pony?' so i did :3 and they'er little my chem ponies :D i couldnt' decide if i should make mikey a pony or a unicorn but i thought a unicorn though it looks a little funny :P um... PLEASE! comment saying what you think? i'll be making gee, frank, n rays killjoy outfit too :3


yeah, pretty sure gee still loves coffee <3 just a doodle i mades :3 and this 2nd pic cracks me up XD

Darn you biology

CHEMICAL. CHEMICAL, CHEMICAL, CHE-MI-CAL. that's all i see in my biology book! i am SOOOO tempted to write in 'my, romance' but i can't because the teacher lady will know it's me :'( ah screw it i'll write my, romance right about chemical some day xD does anyone else get that feeling when they see chemical? or just anywhere like ex: warning: CHEMICAL area and then in your head you scream: 'MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!' and just have a little crazy moment?????????

p.s. i'm making.. a my chem pony xD it's where i draw the guys as ponies! ponys! ponies? ponys?


TOOK ME INTO THE PARTY STORE, TO FIND A HALLOWEEN COSTUME. so this costume reminded me of the black parade jacket, kind of, except...i think it's suppose to be michael jackson...........? it's a pop star halloween costume. But um anyways, i would totally buy that jacket and wear it on halloween & then dress up like a black parader and put on the skeleton makeup and stuff :) I JUST HAD TO SHARE THIS! um... i think it's only for adult men and im a teenaged girl whatever i don't care if it's big i kinda want to wear it it seems kinda cool :)

Just a Doodle

Of gerard and his love for coffee throughout they years :D you know gee and his coffee xD
P.S. i'm making... a my chem pony drawing! it's just basically the guys and they look like ponies!...ponys...ponies? pony? whatever you get what i'm saying and i just sketched out mikey so i'll color him in and post it in a few days :3 and sorry for gee's hair in the revenge pic i couldn't really... draw it :P


anyone else crack up when they see this pic??? heheheheh raymond XD I just die looking at this picture omgee it's hilarious XDXDXDXD ahahhhahaha oh and im going to my first mcr concert this saturday! TOO EXCITED!

Phones :D

hey, whoevermaybereadingthis, i think i'm getting a new phone soon!? the thing is my old phone broke at the beginning of the year, i couldn't hear peopple when i called them, so i got this one that's exactly like it but a little different so i'm not sure if that is going to mess up my 2 year plan, but whatever i love looking at phones :3 what phone do you guys think i should get?? i honestly can't get an iphone because i couldnt' take just having a phone that's all touchscreen.

Happy Birthday Mikey Way <3

Happy Birthday MIkey Way :) we love you! you are one of the most f*cking awesomest dudes around! hope ya have a good day xD
-Keep the Faith
--Loaded Daggers
^^^yes, i just had to add that second picture it just...makes my day :D^^^

Art For Autism **Seriously, Please Read** <3

THE STORY: hey guise :3 ... did i seriously just spell it like that? wow. anyways! i'm starting this program with my mom and it's called 'art for autism' i told my mom one day how i wasn't really satisfied with my life & she asked what i wanted to do? i told her make a difference. and my younger brother has autism. and i sometimes think what it's like for other families with friends or family members who have a disability.

IF you are feeling down...- (& HELP!)

I L O V E Y O U ♥ (◕‿◕✿) ♥ the whole MCRmy loves you :3 i'm in a kinda good mood if ya can't tell :D here's a tip for the day: if ya say nice and positive things to people (your friends, family, total strangers, etc) it'll make their day a little more brighter!