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What I Do When I'm Bored-

So, I really like art so I decided to design my face (again)! I call this design 'Americana' because it has the American flag on it and it has stars and I think it turned out great :3 Hope you guys enjoy it, comments are welcome ^_^

P.S. I used eyeshadow (for the colored parts) and black eyeliner (for the black parts/around my eyes)

Bored, sooo

This is what I do when I'm bored. I'm an artist and make up is just another form of art! I'm the first (top) picture (obviously) and the second (bottom) picture is of Ryan Ross who inspired me! Comment if you like it!

I made another pair of shoes-

So I took my old brown converse and decided to make some use out of them! I made them into BLUE GALAXY SHOES! They turned out better than I thought :D The whole process (from spray painting, to normal painting, to splatter painting them) took about 6 hours but it was SO worth it! These are my new favorite shoes :3 So glad I made them!

Custome shoes :)

I made these shoes for my friend because she payed for my concert ticket :3 They turned out better than I had hoped!

Haven't made a blog

in a while :3 it's been like 2-3 weeks since i've made a blog. right now i'm exhausted. IF ANYONE HAS A TWITTER FOLLOW ME!
it's: @studsoverpearls

chalk pastels+hair=

this! i used chalk pastels to color my hair and experiment with it (since i didn't want to dye it) and this is temporary :) it worked super well with cool colors (green, blue, yellow). since i have brown hair i needed to wet it, then put the chalk on it, then i needed to dry it with a straightening iron right after i put the pastels in. it's awesome! in the pic i tried to make it go from green to yellow to blue.. sort of worked?

extra credit for history, perhaps?

we're learning about world war 1 in history, so i decided to paint a zeppelin crashing into a pole/wire tower/thing. i really like the shading and how i made the fire :3

Tragus or Industrial?

so i am deciding on getting a piercing in the ear. i was either thinking about my tragus (that little nub on your ear that's in like the middle) or my industrial (that barbell in your cartilage) if you don't know where/what they are you can google it. so... WHICH ONE?

don't go near alligators...

basically for my spring break i went to florida (YAY!) and i saw a bunch of wildlife: turtles, cranes, lizards, snakes, and i saw an alligator today and 2 otters! i decided to be smart and walk towards the alligator... yeah.. not a good idea. it flipped into the water (it was originally sun bathing) and then it just swam around. the next thing i know, i'm inside the house and i look outside and the alligators 6 yards away from me just STARRING at me. he looked pretty hungry too o_o


the past 4 times i've been on here, looking at zone 6, it's just been a bunch of spam. spam this spam that. is there anyway to report it?