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Just fucking NAW!

Sorry. But I have to get this out!
So, I'm Scottish. A very proud Scot who will support pretty much any musician on the basis that they're Scottish.. Obviously I fucking LOVE Twin Atlantic. Kinda new and really making a break for themselves recently.

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What Do Yous Think?!

I know and I'm sorry. Compared to a lot of you FANTASTIC artists on here (and the people that just know what they're doing and trying to achieve) this is awful.
Ches alone, the top one, took me 5 hours. Which I did uninterrupted, forgetting to eat and nearly past out cause I didn't eat the day before it either. but shh... Cause my parents won't like that... And the rest of it has been done over 2 days, roughly 8 hours...
I just wanted to show my friend. And btw if you like it, leave a comment saying Bulletproof Ink wins cause she'll like that :) But I doubt you will cause I have many a poster ready to cover it up... I'm unsure. Parts of it are okay. And other points are terrible... Just plain awful. I feel like I'm offending people who are good at art.
So let me know. Cause I don't want it showing if it is awful. I've just looked at it so much in the past 72 hours it's kinda a blur...

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It's So Tempting Sometimes.

Does anyone else know what it's like to help someone? Pour your heart and soul into trying to make their life just a tiny bit better when yours is crumbling at the same time? Have they ever told you they trusted you, needed you, loved you repeatedly. Only to let you down REPEATEDLY. Only to move on without a word of warning. To never text you back when all you asked if they were okay. To hold life or death secrets within because you never wanted to hurt them and thought it was best, but now they'll never know. Because they can't be trusted. Because it's obvious you never meant a thing and was all lies. Because all the time you worried they hated you really and they just needed a shoulder to cry on all came true.
Excuse me if I sound like some teenager creating drama but if you know how I feel I'm so so sorry. Because I'm tired of being let down. Every shred of faith is now wasted and beyond use. I don't care any more. All she seems to be able to do for me is break my heart.

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Gig #2!

So I went to my 2nd gig ever last night. (I saw BVB in March - my first concert) It was awesome. I saw Newton Faulkner in Glasgow! The man is a fucking God btw... Like TRULY incredible. But things have happened recently so I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have... But, it was pretty amazing night all the same. I got a hoodie and my (sort of) sister in law got awesome pictures. The one of Newton I'm going to put up is my favourite one she took. He was singing his last song at the time... Which grew and grew in to an amazing sing-a-long!
Hope everyone's doing well! Love you all so please don't hesitate if you need to talk to someone :) x

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I did it. Did you?

Sorry it's blurry... Camera on my phone is shite.
I just want you all to be strong. I doubt this is breaking the rules I hope it's not... I know the wristbands are kinda in the way but I'd be disgusted if I posted a photo without them. Simple things are wristbands. But they mean more than that to me.
If anyone ever needs to talk I'm here... Sometimes a message can do it. Although recently I've learned it's not that easy!
Love you all :) xxx

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My Story "Broken Halves" - Part 2/2

Hey guys, sorry it was not up yesterday I was away. So this is the 2nd half to my story Broken Halves, I hope you like it and any tips or pointers would really help. This is the 1st part in case you want to read it... Wishful thinking on my part probably but still. Hope you like it :)

Delving into his pockets, Jake produced two crumpled rectangular pieces of paper. “It’s Dexter’s opening night tonight. They’re doing one of those ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ stories. You liked them right? You and Tay did.” Jake smiled but he saw Bella wince and the name. He felt he could never do right with her anymore. He always ruined things without Taylor to guide him. Desperately trying to salvage Bella back, he took a different approach, “Taylor wouldn’t want you locked up here. She hated seeing you unhappy, so come with me tonight eh?”

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My New Story "Broken Halves" (I'd like feedback if that's okay)

Broken Halves

The music was blaring. Anything would do; anything to drown it out.

Lost in the noise, Bella’s thoughts wandered. Her eyes drifted across the room, scanning past the towers of CDs, the desk piled high with overdue homework and assignments and wardrobe with mirror doors. Something was odd. Her arm leant over her body to pause the music, still not taking her eyes off the mirror door. “Please don’t…” she whispered, so quiet it could have been a thought. Bella lifted herself silently off the bed; she pulled herself almost through the air making sure to glide and make no sudden movements or sounds as she ventured towards the wardrobe; the wardrobe which she once shared.

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I've gone back to twitter...

So for many months I've not been allowed on twitter... Something happened which I'd rather forget, although I'm doing that quite unsuccessfully... So I feel new on it and a bit of an outsider so is there any of you guys that want to follow me @Menacing_Venom and I'll follow back... I feel so 'needy' doing this but... I dunno what I'm really trying to say. Anyone willing to follow a really weird boring person..?

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New Poem. Anyone wanna read it?

So this I wrote last night for my friend... Best friend... Narrowing down to only friend and I thought she should know cause there's a slight issue of the Irish sea between me and her so :( I'll have to tell her like this.

Mirror mirror, hear my wish.
Grant me those dreams of bliss.
If only one's to be made tonight.
I'll be sure to wish it right.
Take the reflection I unfortunately see,
Change the image so it's not like me.
Undo the woes, so her soul's white not black.
Give her comfort from further attack.
Alter any bloody red marks like mine,
Prove she's better with a certain sign.
Crack this mirror, brake her walls.
I don't care if I'm who falls.
I need her safe and her smile true.
Her eyes must see another view.
Give her whatever she needs,
So she's no longer the one who bleeds.
I'll part the sea and make angels cry.
I need to help. I have to try.

So yeah... Love ya :)

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New Poem - The Box

The Box

A ceiling of stars,
just part of the box.
Creating this state,
kept in time to clocks.

Mine own's out of sync,
second hand spins ahead.
Then again back and stops,
remembering all done and said.

It tortures and pains,
brings fists full of rage.
I dream of screaming,
but can't in this cage.

Escape the box,
escape the trap.
Bottle the hurt,
then twist on a cap.

Fly through the air,
down to the ground,
Then hear the silence.
Sleep ever so sound.

So... Any thoughts/tips? It'd be appreciated guys. Thanks :) x