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I need as many opinions as possible. PLEASE! I'm really desperate.

You don't really need to know why or anything. Just leave a comment saying 'Yes' or 'No'. That's all I need and all I'm asking. Don't leave me hanging guys. This is important for me. :) xx

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I would appreciate a bit of advice... :)

I'll start on a lighter note I'm seeing BVB on the 27th of March at the Barrowlands :) Anyone else from Scotland going?? :)

To the slightly depressing point... So with out me going into details I'm in a really bad place the now and I have been for about 2 years roughly(ish) and I've been... well... Expressing my self with a blade to my limbs for about 1/1 and a half.. If you catch my drift. But since Christmas I've lost all my friends (bar 1 who I've been helping with her own issues) but I've recently gained one too.
The problem is she's 3 years older than me and is leaving school in a few months. We've got to the point where we both know each other has it bad and she keeps telling me that she wants to help me. No one ever in person has said that to and me. And I really want her to help and for me to help her but there's 2 problems:

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Your Opinions?

I feel so stupid for asking this but well Famous Last Words is one of my favourite MCR songs. It's saved my life before and obviously I do understand the general meaning of it. Though I was just wondering if anyone knows or has thoughts to what "Awake and unafraid. Asleep or dead." meant. I guess I have a theory to it, but not a definition I could put into words. (if that makes any sense at all). So could anyone help? No I'm not a fake fan (at least I hope) I am normally quite good at thinking up meanings for things. But then again maybe I'm looking too much into this... Either way I feel like a complete idiot! XD

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*le sigh*

I've early ran out of room for posters. That's the problem with sharing a room, You don't get four walls. Not to mention the fact my little sister is obsessed with The Wanted, JLS, 1 Direction... Generally SHIT music. -.-
(Yeah the pics are really bad, cause I have a really shite phone)

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Plan B anyone...?

So... Along with all the rock and metal I love. Also I love Plan B. He's an English rapper/singer/actor. I liked him for longer than MCR (though MCR are of course better) and I just wondered if anyone else here likes him? I'm guessing not many but this is his latest single which I'm currently addicted to.

Dear Spammer person...
Does us all a favour and fuck off.
Katie :) x

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Oh Dear God!

Yeah... So I promised my friend I'd post a picture of myself cause she did it. :( Excuse my ugly face and admire my (VERY blurry) posters. (I have a shaky hand) So this is me dress head to ankles in black (my socks are white couldn't say to toes :L) I hate my picture getting taken so most of mine have my had over my face, but obviously I can't do that... I forgot how weird I look.... I have no idea why I agreed to this!

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You Wish. You Cry. You Run.

Sam’s father appeared in the living room door frame, he stretched silently but he felt to weight of eyes on him and he swivelled round to see his son sitting nearly bare on the landing. “YOU!” he yelled. Stomping up the stairs not taking his eyes of Sam so he could predict any of his son’s movements, but Sam wasn’t watching him; his eyes were fixed on Doug’s mouth.
William couldn’t understand Sam’s lack of fear, which angered him more then he saw his son’s mouth move. But then Sam saw Doug’s mouth move.

It said, “Now!”

William’s feet flew up sending him back down to where he’s started. Lily ran through drying her hands on a red and white checked towel; she looked and William’s eyes and saw sheer rage, she looked at Sam’s eyes and saw regret. Before she knew what she was doing, she was using all her weight to hold back her husband who was headed for Sam who had sensibly ran into his room.

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I feel like I should say this...

Part of this is what I sent to a Killjoy that I've been talking to and she told me she's scared of her depression getting worse.
Personally things haven't been great for me (btw I'm not looking for sympathy here...) things seem dark and hopeless but none the less I've held on cause of you guys, Bulletproof Ink XD and Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank. My saviours.

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Little bit of help here guys!!!! Please :')

Anyone know any good kids movies? I need to watch my little brother and sister tonight as it's valentines day to give my mum and dad some peace. I'll be eternally grateful if you suggested something good!!!! XD cheers xxx
BTW for anyone reading my story, I'm sorry it's taking for long but lately things have gotten harder and I'm finding it hard to find any motivation to do anything so apologies for the delay, but it should be out in a few days hopefully :) xx Sowwie

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You Wish. You Cry. You Run. Part 2

“Good morning all, it’s cold but sunny on the 9th of February 1956 here’s today’s news…” said the radio while Sam’s mother busily cooked up porridge while holding an ice cold cloth to her face. Sam sat in the kitchen the next morning quietly drinking his milk, with his new friends either side of him.

“Your daddy did that…” whispered Doug pointing to Lily.
“He didn’t mean to! My daddy loves us.” Sam shot back, still in a hush tone.
“Sam? Why are you talking to yourself?” His mother Lily asked him light heartedly. Sam looked at Doug and Timmy and they both just shook their heads. “Mammy, daddy loves us right?”

Lily froze. Putting down the wooden spoon she was mixing with and turned to face her son. “What do you mean?” she asked, stalling to think of a suitable reply.
“Does daddy still loves me and you or has he stopped loving us?” His naïve eyes stared at his mother.