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In Case You Didn't Know

Hey just thought I should keep everyone updated just in case, today (5/19/12) MCR played at Bamboozle in Ashbury, New Jersey, and Gerard had brown hair so here are some pics:

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Where is everything?!

All my blogs are gone and everything else is all gone :( did this happen to anyone else??
xo TR

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Happy Birthday Gerard!

Happy Birthday Gerard, I know you won't see this but I hope you have an awesome day anyway, you've been a huge part of so many people's lives and we all thank you for that!

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So...I feel like crap :P Advice please

I feel like this is the only place I can tell things about myself without being judged, and I truely thank you all for that. So here it goes....I've been feeling quite depressed lately and I sort of know why. Lots of people make fun of me, my weight, my clothes, my preferance in music, and stuff like friend is also going through a lot and I have been engulfing myself with her issues instead of my own, until I went to church last week. Church is supposed to be a place where you fell "safe and happy" well to be honest I don't feel happy there and I don't feel "safe" either I get picked on my PASTOR's DAUGHTER. It's bullshit, and it almost set me over the edge. It took all of my will power not to start swearing at her, then when I got home I got yelled at by my aunt for no reason.

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate and even if you don't eat some chocolate anyway lol :). I hope everyone has a good day, and I can't believe Gerard is turning 35 tomorrow....Well, like I said I hope everyone has an awesome day. Stay strong, stay beautiful and keep it ugly.
Toxic R.

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Congratulations Frank and Jamia!

Frank and Jamias' baby boy was born today. I'm (we) so happy for them CONGRATS Frank and Jamia! <3 I can't believe it :') the first MCR baby boy :')

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Tattoos? Advice Please :)

So apperently, I am allowed to get a tattoo when I'm 16 years long as a parent is there to sign for me. And I think my mom actually will...I haven't asked yet because I don't really know what I want. What I know for sure is I'm not going to regret it and it is going to be meaningful. With that being said I have asked some of my friends what I should get and they told me to get "Keep The Faith" because I say it whenever they are going through hard times and they say it to me now too. I told them that Frank Iero already has a "Keep The Faith" tattoo and I DON'T want to copy him, that would be rude..I think, I'm honestly not really sure. I don't want to copy his tattoo but that saying does mean a lot to me. Can anyone give me advice on that???

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Why are my friends so confusing????

I let them talk to me about anything stupid, intelligent, meaningful, whatever is on their mind and I don't care, I give them advice when they need it or I'm just a shoulder to cry on if they had a crappy day but whenever I mention My Chemical Romance they smile and give me the "I Don't Give A Flying Fuck" look. They know how much I love the music and the band but whenever I try and talk about them they don't say anything but "that's cool." I don't understand can't they atleast try to be happy too? When I got Danger Days for my birthday I went crazy, but of course they laughed along with me but really didn't care. I talk about MCR making a new album and probably (most likely) going on tour and us seeing them live, because my brother doesn't like them (although I'm sure he would go anyway) but I don't want to go with him, I'm sure as hell not going with my mom, and that leaves my friends.

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Blue hair dye question...please comment

My mom said that I could dye the underneath of my hair blue and get some blue streaks, (I already get blonde highlights so I will have to wait for them to grow out) but when I told my friend she said to be careful because he blue dye might make your hair fall out. My question is will it really make my hair fall out? Sorry I know this is kind of supid but I really wanted this done and she scared me when she told me this. Please comment. Thanks a bunch!!! :)
But then I thought if you don't use it proporly can't any hair dye make your hair fall out? Sorry for wasting anytime of yours but comments are appreciated. Thanks again!

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I steal a lot :P

1.Who rose again to save humanity?

A. Goku
B. The Rev Sullivan
C. Jesus
D. no one
E. Me
F. Satan
G. God
H. This is lie

total until now : C

2.Do you have girlfriend?

A. Yes
B. No
C. I'm not a lesbian.
D. I'm gay
E. I'm bi
F. Maybe
G. Secret
H. Of course

total until now : C, C

3.Do you have boyfriend?

A. Yes
B. No
C. I'm not a lesbian.
D. I'm gay
E. I'm bi
F. Maybe
G. Secret
H. Of course

total until now : C, C, B

4.You like read...

A. the little prince
B. The magazines
C. The bible
D. The newspaper
E. Comics
F. Devil's Bible or a grimoire.
H. Books

total until now : C, C, B, E

5.Your favorite song is...?

A. NaNaNa (nanananananananana)
B. Planetary (Go!)
C. Best Of Me
D. Nightmare
E. American Idiot
F. What you want
H. Other (*write the song)

total until now : C, C, B, E, H

6.Your favorite band is...?