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Hey Killjoys! Its been a while since I posted on here D': I was wondering if anyone could offer any help? My friend and I might be starting a Killjoy Radio, and I'm really at a loss for good names for it... I was wondering if anyone could offer some good suggestions ? We'd be playing mostly MCR , as well as other bands like Green Day, Blink 182, Simple Plan, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, etc. Also, we'd be taking requests as well! :D
We really do need a GREAT name, guys, so please?

Any help is appreciated,
~xoxo Melancholy Melody<3

"Error Processing Your Data" in the Merch Store?

I tried to order the Varsity Jacket this morning and after typing all my info in and placing the order, it said "please wait, processing your order" or whatever. It did that for an hour and a half before I got an error message that said "there was an error processing your data." i clicked place order again and it started "processing" again. after 10 minutes, my dad refreshed the page and it went blank and said "you have nothing in your cart at this time"

Does anybody know what happened? If this happened to you? I emailed customer service and they havent replied yet.

I found some on ebay, but they were really expensive, like $300+ and they werent Party Poison's so it wasnt THAT worth it to me... but I found a Fun Ghoul set for auction, at $26... but i got outbid MAJORLY. ;c i actually CRIED and i feel pretty bad about that, but for some reason, it was/is REALLY important for me to get a ray gun. x'c

Anyways, If you know where I can get one or have one for sale, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me. I will love you FOREVER. Especially if its not overly expensive.