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Something most people lack now-a-days is self-control or self-preservation. People go to parties and get all drunk and fucked up and end up doing really stupid things and then they end up bitching about it in the end. Well things like that wouldn't be a problem if you could handle yourself. Then there's the other people who can't control themselves sexually. Things like unexpected pregnancies happen and they're left with an urgent sense of what in the holy fuck do I do now. From experience, I could never keep it in my pants with my ex-girlfriend.

This Is Me

So this is me. Excuse the photos, some of them are a couple years old, but yeah! I'm Killjoy Jordan!

Gerard Way

Gerard Way. Not to plagiarize Sweeney Todd, but the man is a paragon of integrity... and he's super fucking hot. Whoa! Didn't see that coming did you? Well I have bisexual tendencies and I happen to find Gerard Way, and Johnny Depp for that matter, to be extremely attractive. Anyway, the man is nothing short of incredible. We all know his story, a humble artist who is fed up with not making a difference in the world rises to power and accomplishes his mission. We wouldn't be on this site if he hadn't. Gerard is so inspirational to me and he is everything I hope to be some day.

Malice, The Ultimate Vice

Everyone has their own vices, some worst than others. My vices include cigarettes, narcotics, and drugs, but I'm aware that I'm not a bad person, I just have things about myself that need improvement. We shouldn't judge people just because they have less than favorable habits and we should never hate someone just because of a disagreement in philosophies or because they do something that disgusts you in some form or another. The only thing that we should dislike about a person is if they are full of hatred and evil. That's right, malice is the ultimate vice.

Oh, The Androgynous Me

Okay, the title of this blog does not imply what most are thinking, so let me explain what I mean. I, for the record, am not a hermaphrodite, but I use the word androgynous because I do see a lot of feminine characteristics in my personality. Like a female, I am sensitive, loving, and have a very nurturing personality. I like that. Not only do characteristics like that tend to make my relationships better, but also provide a sense of comfort for the significant other. Like when someone says they're ugly. Let me tell you what ugly is ladies and gentleman.

Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back

At this point in my life, I feel that I have experienced enough pain for a single person's entire lifespan, so now I put all my energy into positive thinking and motivational support. Among my group of friends, everyone comes to me when they have a problem and they've done that since they've known me, even when I myself was emotionally incapable of handling my own shit list. I do this because I love my friends and I would do anything to help them succeed in life. I believe that in order to achieve self-appreciation you must be appreciated.

Alas, She Disappeared Again

So last week, I stayed awake from 10 AM Monday morning to 2 AM Friday.... don't ask me why. During all those sleepless hours, I realized that I have an overwhelming anxiety problem which I could have eradicated while I was in the hospital so many months ago. Well, Thursday during my math class I was looking at this girl that had been staring at me since the beginning of class.

The Grave Of The Broken Hearted

Considering I have a two hour break in between my classes, I'm just going to continuously blog about trivial topics. Heart break. Some of us have been there and some of us haven't. Kudos to those who haven't. It fucking sucks, especially when your ex hooks up with your best friend after they had previously stated that nothing would ever happen between them. No matter what side of the fence you're on, it has an affect on both parties so its always hard for someone. How to get over it is such a frequently asked question so I'm going to answer it in the way that I got over my tragedy. Music.

Waiting For The Bomb To Drop

So my second blog exposed the inner darkness I have inside me. Contrary to the ideas about my personality that one may have picked up from my last blog, I'm actually a very happy person. I went to a mental hospital last year for major depression issues and psychosis, which is when an individual hears or sees things that don't actually exist. After my release, life has been relatively swell. Then I joined this website and I really enjoy reading the fellow community member's posts.

This Is A Pain In My Ass

Everyday I wake up and go on the internet and look up what's going on in the world. I feel its necessary for people to know what's going on in society today so that they can shove it to all the ignorant and fucking mainstream people.