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The Power Of The Human Voice

The video that I posted with this blog just happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time. I like the song because of the passion that Carmen Keigans pours into it. Her voice is so powerful and beautiful and utterly breathtaking, which brings me to what I wanted to discuss. Behind your larynx are your vocal chords which are set of muscles we all use to speak. Well a very long time ago, humans discovered that we can use these muscles to create beautiful tones. Over time, we learned techniques to help develop these muscles to perfect singing.

I Love You All

Although I joined this website in July, I didn't actually start socializing on it until this week. During the time I've spent on the site, which has been quite a bit, I've come to realize that I have never felt so accepted by a large group of people, albeit Killjoys seemed to be a relatively accepting breed of human beings. You all have such interesting blogs and I love reading everything you all have to say.

Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies

Does anyone ever find themselves doing things that would be defined as obsessive compulsive? For example, right now I'm under the influence of a large quantity of coffee and two 20 mg tablets of adderall. Before you say anything, I'll explain why I took the adderall so late at night. There's this girl I like at school and when I'm not all insane from lack of sleep, or other stimulants, its hard for me to approach her because I don't have the courage. I found out that if I'm all wired up, I have an insane amount of courage so its easier to talk to her.

My Untitled Song

So I just wrote these lyrics down about 10 minutes ago and I was wondering if you lovely Killjoys could give me some constructive criticism:

I'm living in a nightmare. My blood across the floor. I spitting out the corpses for the reaper at the door. A worm is more exciting than hearing you talk shit. If you think you're made of courage then let's do battle in the demon's pit. You're so deceiving! You're words are empty. You lack devotion. I can feel you dying. You feel my poison dwelling inside you. I hope you're ready for your impending ending.

That's all I've got so far, I'm not sure if I

Vices, Part 2

There are a few things that I discussed in my blog "Malice, The Ultimate Vice" that I would like to elaborate on. I mentioned that I smoked cigarettes and have done drugs before. I know all of you are better people than me, but if you ever do feel like doing drugs will help you, think twice. I've mentioned previously that I've experienced depression problems, but I never explained.

The Joys of Simplicity

Okay, so today at work, me and my friend Zach were listening to the song Planetary(GO!) on repeat because we have a mutual love for the song. It's amazing. But it made me get all nostalgic and I just was thinking about all the simple things in my life that put a smile on my face. For example, this morning when I got out of bed, I looked in the cupboards and there was one Fiber One bar of the flavor I liked left and that made me happy. That's my breakfast and if it's not chocolate then I'm not going to bother eating it.

What About Bob?

I hope most of you got the reference this title has to offer. If you didn't I was referring to the movie What About Bob starring Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray. So I was just listening to Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and I just kind of thought to myself, "what in the hell happened to Bob Bryer?" I feel slightly embarrassed because I should know something like this, but I don't. So can anyone enlighten me as to what exactly happen to Mr. Bryer and his position in the band?

Damn, I Love My Music

To the right, you see my three favorite bands: My Chemical Romance, Slipknot and Thirty Seconds to Mars. If you haven't deduced this yet, but I have a burning passion for music and I make sure that every moment in my life has music involved in it. It excites me, it comforts me and it befriended me from a very young age in life. I was four years old when the power of music struck me in my little noggin and I just happened to be with one of my favorite people in the world... my father. He was listening to the radio and one of his favorite songs came on and he cranked it.

Goodnight, Killjoys

Well everyone, it's time for me to go to sleep. Goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite. See you later, Killjoys!!!

Food For Thought

Alright, I have a couple things to say here. First of all I'd like to point out that suicide is just another way of saying there's been a waste of potential. Don't throw your life away because depression is crippling you. I don't know how many times my suicide attempts were convenientally interrupted ,but I will say they were all just a sign that I was going to piss away the greatest gift I could ever receive. If you ever find yourself backed that far up against the wall, please contact the services the website has to offer on the home page or please contact me.