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Was watching LOTMS earlier..

I adore the scene when Ray an Gerard are singing Thank You For The Venom together :) (Chapter named "Signing to a Mayjor Laybel" <3

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Ask me stuff :)

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My friend..

skipped 5 and 6th on Monday so she could be wilth a boy she likes. They like each other and have been texting each other for months. So on Monday she skipped 2 classes to be with him and sure enough, I got a text saying "Omg!!!!!!!!!!!! xx" when I found out that'd all she'd done was sit and kiss him for 2 hours I was so happy for her. She was gonna explode she was so happy. Although, she still doesn't know if she goes out with him or not...

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You lot call yourselves MCR fans...

Well let's see.

(I've asked this question before but I wanna try it again :))
1. Where about have you seen 'Starved to death in a world of plenty' written?

2. Where have you seen 'Merci Pour Le Venin' written?

3. Where have you seen 'Would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful' written?

I'm bored and just wanna see if you knew where you'd seen them or if you remember them from somewhere :)

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I went to see MCR last night and it was amazing. I'm still speechless. Breathe taking! It's the first time I've seen them live and I've waited 3 years so it was a big thing for me. I loved it. The set list is different for every show. I don't know it in order but here's the songs they played.

Bullets: Vampires Will Never Hurt You.

Revenge: Give 'Em Hell, Hang 'Em High, I'm Not Okay, Helena, Interlude.

Black Parade: The Sharpest Lives, Welcome to the Black Parade, Mama, Cancer, Teenagers, Famous Last Words.

Danger Days: Look Alive Sunshine, Na Na Na, Sing, Planetary (GO!), The Only Hope For Me Is You, Party Poison, Summertime, Destroya, Vampire Money.

It was amazing Gerard said that they're coming back next summer.

The Blackout were absolutely amazing as well. I think I might have to go and see them in April when they come back!!

Such an awesome night can't wait for them to come back. Love you for ever. <3

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MCR UK tour :)

Does anyone know the set list for the UK tour?

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Anyone here heard MarsNewSong?

It's a new song from the band 30 Seconds to Mars (which I'm a huge fan of) It's not finish of has a title yet but I love it!!

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I LOVE this song!!

Panic! At The Disco - The Ballad of Mona Lisa

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I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

I'M GOING TO SEE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ON TUESDAY!!!! It'll be my first time. I really can't wait!

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I.. I..I get to..

See MCR on Tuesday.. Omfg. I'm getting to see my heroes live! 4 days OMG!!!