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My new mcr tattoo better picture :)

To me this tattoo means that success is a form of revenge and to never give up on finding what makes you shine :)

If ANYONE needs someone to talk to!!

If anyone and I mean ANYONE ever needs anyone to talk to please feel free to message me! I hate to see people so upset because they feel alone and have been bullied or ignored. Trust me I know how that feels :/ I just want everyone to know that there IS someone out there to talk to and I promise you will have my full undivided attention :)


I got this tattoo today and I couldn't be happier :) It's from "It's not a fashion statement, it's a fucking deathwish." and to me that entire song is about never giving up and success being the greatest form of revenge other than violence. To me the lyrics I picked, "I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take" mean that I will be successful and I will carry on living with every breath I take and one day everyone will see that and recognize me for my greatness. I was bullied harshly in middle school by both guys and girls.

Getting MCR tattoo number 2 today!! so excited!!!

Getting mcr tatt 2 today in t-minus 3 hours :) SO EXCITED! I will post a picture up of it when it's done :)

MCR tattoo 1 that I got back in may 2011!!

my "think happy thoughts" tattoo from may 2011 by Miranda at TimeBomb tattoo frederick, MD :)

MCR Dream

I had a crazy dream last night that i was seeing MCR for the 7th time and gerard pulled me up on stage and then afterwards i got to hang out with the band. I was so busy dreaming i slept through my alarm clock (which never happens) and had 20 minutes before my first class started; but it was completely worth it :)

6 Years Ago From Today I Saw My Chemical Romance For The First Time <3


I remember this day like it was only a few months ago. Waiting in a long line for ever in the rain getting ready for my first concert. Little did i know this experience would later change my life <3

I remember i wore black liquid eyeliner for lipstick and i had my hair bleached only staying in place by the tinniest bit of dove hairspray. I was 12 so of course i would sit in the bleachers for my first concert. Reggie and the full Effect came on and the singer started throwing cheeseburgers out of his pants...i assumed that's just what they do at concerts.

MCR Widow

The Widow drawing i did :) still working on it... trying to think of how to make it more creative


I feeeeel like drawing more MCR stuff but i need ideas!! D:

My Chemical Romance Artwork (Frank/Gerard)

Some artwork I've been working on :) the Gerard/Frank pictures are charcoal and the Gerard one on the bottom is in pen :)