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MCR is God to me, and the MCRmy is Jesus!!
This is what everyone needs to hear...
I love you guys so much!

I love you guys so much! You guys have helped me through some of the hardest times... And I really appreciate it! <3 xoxo
Never feel alone
-Comical Crush

My friends what me to start a fan-fic

My friends want me to start a fan fic, but i'm not sure if i'm any good and I can get things pretty gory!! should it not be a fan fic and just a story?! But again, i'm not sure if I'll be any good!! What do you guys think?

Dear LisaisaUnicorn.

WE LOVE YOU!! Sign and repost!!
1) Comical Crush (mcrtheused)

Song my sisters boyfriend and his fruend made (= age 16

this isn'y my favorite of his songs but its good

(= YEA!!

I'm so excited because I FINALLY convinced my dad to take me to the concert September 3rd... What convinced him? Telling him Blink 182 was there... (= SO EXCITED!!!


I'm sooo freaking bored! Does anyone want to talk? if so, message me or comment!! PLEASE I have noooo liiiifffeee!!! I'll i'm doing all day is getting enough money for the MCR concert on September 3rd!! and a bunch of extra money so I can buy shit loads if stuff! PLEASE message me? ~puppy dog eyes~

Please look and comment!! It means so much to me!!

Hey whats up? Well, I've been posting a lot of pictures on Flickr and I REALLY want you guys to tell me what you like about them, what you DON'T like about them, your favorites etc. It would mean so much to me just like you guys mean TONS to me!
Thanks so much!
-Comical Crush

Please check out my Flickr!

Please Please please please PLEASE! check out my Flickr and comment?! It would mean a lot to me!!
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