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Random picture

So random picture I took of myself... I like it, (=<

Would you guys do something for me? It would mean a lot

It would mean a lot if you went to a lake, river, or the ocean and put a flower in it for Collin <3 he's so missed, and it's to unreal to think he's gone, if you can't, floating a flower in a bowel of water on the table would work to, it would mean a lot to me.

For Collin Worland

School is so empty now, no one is really there. I didn't even know you very well, just an occasional 'hello' in the hall... I never knew I would miss those few times you said hello to me even though you didn't know me, know my name, or anything about me. Just to be nice, and now it's all gone, just like that. ♥ we all miss you so much, but I know you'll never truly be gone, that you didn't say your last goodbye, because you are still here.
"In reality, we are all invincible in a way, we can not truly die, energy can not be created nor destroyed only re-formed"
You will live on.

RIP Collin Worland

RIP Collin Worland, he was a 7th grader. He was crossing the street behind the school and was stuck by a car. He died this morning as a result of the accident. ♥ You will be missed Collin, and we will remember you in our hearts.
Just a year younger than me, just on his way to school like me... Tell your family and friends you love them while you have a chance =( please, tell them for me, and keep Collin's family in your hearts, it happened just moments before I got to school... It just happened so fast!! I love you all ~hugs~
Comical Crush

Abbandond int he dirt by the people who said they'd never leave me, Killjoys... I just want to say, I love you all, but sometimes, I feel alone, like they've come and killed everyone, and they're out to get me next... I feel ignored, which I am, so if anyones reading this, I compleatly thank you for not just passing me by... <3
Not feeling very Comical..
Crush <3

"But does anyone notice? but does anyone car?"

Like shit they don't! I wish they did, but they don't....

Everyone left me O_o

hellooooo?! Anyone out there?!

Please help?!

My friend is getting suicdal thoughts, she finished a suicide note in case her thoughts get the best of her. PLEASE help me save her =( she's not a killjoy, but she's my mother fucking friend, help help help please help!!

For Acid Sunshine

Please repost this killjoys, this killjoy needs our help, and i'm not letting her go without a fight!! please help us =( we can't lose another killjoy sign and re-post please!!
Comical Crush - MCRtheused <3 with love, please don't leave us