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What I got for x-mas

The first pic is of a voodoo doll my older brother got me <3
the second is that necklace from Harry Potter (saddly I forgot what it's called, I know the triangle is the cloak, the roundnesss (hehe) is the stone, and the line is the elder wand)
and then a pocket watch from harry potter ^_^
I also got a lion hat (LUNA!)
an art set, and a pin

Help. I hate this. I hate how ready my neck feels for the necklace of rope. I hate how I know how many people I will hurt but it doesn't stop me. I hate how I'm gambling with my life. I hate how I'm coming here, and posting this blog. I hate how I only have depressing things to say. I hate the way I look. I hate the way people stare. I hate the way I can't change this. I hate how this feels so easy. I hate saying goodbye. I hate how I never get a hello. I hate the way I hate things.
But it'll always just be me.
It'll always just be this.

Thank You Fabulous Killjoys!

I just want to say Thank You for all the things you've done, for all the lives you've saved, all the people you've helped, and all the small things. <3 I love you guys so much, and I count on you guys. We are a family, sometimes it feels as if we are more of a family than my actual family IS!
Don't let them get to you, because hate only exists to slow you down! (<-- stolen from Alyssa)
Don't give up, Don't stop running, And keep it ugly!
"The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do"
~Comical Crush


Not long ago a good friend of mine posted a blog, possibly her last blog.
Sign and re-post to show her how much she is loved!!!!

Lexie - Comical Crush/mcrtheused

Have you ever wondered...

How things would be if you were dead? Like how the events would change, who would come to your funeral, who would cry for you? Or if you just disappeared? Do you ever wonder who would look for you? worry about you? and miss you?
Sometimes I doubt that if I ran away no one would look for me.
Sometimes I doubt that if I died that anyone would care, that anyone would miss me.
Have you ever wondered how much of an impact you make on people?
Cuz I wonder about all these things, I feel like no one would even notice me gone, I feel like I have no impact on people at all.

Home from the ER

so I got home pretty late from the ER yesterday, I stayed there for four hours for them to tell me they don't think I'm a harm to myself (Yeah, almost attempting suicide is TOTALLY not a harm!! BULL SHIT!) they don't think I need medication of anything... but if it happenes again they may keep me there as a patient Dx gaw!!

Wish me luck.

I have to go to the ER today. I'm leaving in about half an hour, please please wish me luck? I love you all so much <3 I'm going because of my depression -.- that's how bad it hit me =/
~Comical Crush

I'm shaking so bad.

I just got the guts to tell my mom that I think I have Clinical Depression, it didn't go bad but I'm still shaking, maybe I'm scared about going to the doctor? like what if they ask me question I'd really rather not answer in front of my mom?!?! Dx help killljoys?! <3
I love you allll
(sorry for the odd amount of L's in this... I broke the key..)
~Comical Crush

More Drawings from a while ago (=

The first one is the Umbrella Academy thingy
the second one is a Dragon!! (=

A Drawing I've Just Finished (=

It's a drawing I did for my friend Shannon (= do you like it?