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Tail? Help? Advice?

Okay so I made this tail for my pack (yes yes it's pretty confusing, I'd explain the whole wolf pack thing but... it's hard) Okay so first, does it look bad? secondly, should I paint it? and I'm absoultly terrified to paint it cuz I'm afraid I'll screw up! and I also kinda want a fox tail (although that obviously doesn't mach with the whole wolf pack thing) so do you guys have any advice on how to make it better? or will it just be pretty shitty forever?
and also I just pretty much wanted to know what you guys think. CRITICISM IS WELCOMED!
~Comical Crush

Being mainstream, awkward smiles, and the lies.

Kay so the first picture is of me attempting to be mainstream, it made me feel so... wrong o_o and awkward
the second one is (obviously) me smiling, do you guys think my smile is awkward? Or weird? I always call it awkward because it's different from my 'normal' smile, although I do like this smile more than any other smile I've ever done..
the third one was just a picture idea that obviously needs to be improved. I'm always looking for weird ideas for a picture, and ways to take cool pictures of myself (because just once I would love to actually like a picture of myself) ideas?

New Panting, a bit plain and boring though.

So don't freak out if you come online tomorrow and this site isn't here!! And if you can don't come on the internet at all tomorrow! Love you guys
-Comical Crush

New drawing! 2D from Gorillaz!

thoughts please? Don't be afraid to criticize it! I need to improve my art skills, and that's not going to happen if everything I draw is "amazing" and "flawless"

STOP the HATE! Today ^_^ (this is also my picture for this project)

*repost - originally posted by VivaVengance*

Alright, SOLDIERS GATHER AROUND! Brothers and Sisters in Arms, the time has come again for us to solemnly pack up our gear, hold our heads high and march in unison onto the battlefield. Our enemy is faceless, it could be anyone at any time, but we know them by their sneers, and the bitter hatred they attempt to spread with cruel words. On the twelth of this first month in this New Year we must again take up arms against the common enemy, BULLYING!

Today Brian hung himself =( I don't know why.
He was colour blind, he always wanted to know what my hair colour was, he'd always guess black... His colour blindness really hurt him... The only thing he really wanted. the only thing he NEEDED was to see the colour of the sky =( that's it
he just wanted to see the colour of the sky.
his favorite color was blue,even though he didn't know what it looked like. He just assumed it was beautiful.-.-
His last words on paper were "Roses are grey,violets are grey. I'm color blind. Fuck my life"
But finally there is a bright side to all this... Maybe

Sad day for Falling In Reverse, we'll miss you Mika! <3

He's left claiming that he just can't work with the band anymore, though Ronnie has countered it saying that he kicked him out himself because "he can't tune his bass and he's an asshole."
It wasn't supposed to be announced until after January, but because someone's a jerk and spread it anyways, here it is.
He'll be back on stage this spring in a "much bigger band," whatever that may be.
A lot of people think it's Escape The Fate since they've got an opening right now, but if that happens, I'll completely lose my faith in humanity from the irony..
But, nonetheless, I was looking forward to

(ps. the best part is near the end)
Hello all you wonderful killjoys. It's been a while since I posted something that wasn't totally ~blah~ so just thought I'd come and tell you what I've just realized.
I've been growing away from the music of My Chemical Romance, not the fans, or the fan-girlness or anything like that. It's like I completely forgot that they even made music! Like I forgot that they are what's keeping me alive and they are what made me better, what made me ~want~ to be me! and then I relized.

Well isn't this lovely?

Isn't it lovely when the people who promised never to forget you.. well.. forget you?!
I know I don't have a 'bad' life, and I know a lot of people have it a lot worse than me, so many people say I shouldn't feel this way but I literally can't help it! I think I have depression, and I have some pretty intense suicidal thoughts (I've never actually attempted it, though I was almost 5 steps away from hanging myself before I fell to the ground and had an 'attack' of some sort)
I don't want to tell my mom again, because I don't want to go to the ER again, and I already know what they are gonna