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My mom just heard her first My chemical romance song!

okay so My mom just heard her first My chemical romance song wich was disenchanted she said she liked the music but not the song because it was to sad, and she says that she likes the name Gerard. she is glad i like them but kinda weirded out because i told her my favorite song was you know what they do to guys like us in prison and she was like eww why do you listen to this stuff, and she says "that tast of somone stealing your walit is not a good tast" peace love all you ♥

Okay last cat... yoyo maybe next time we will get to my rats!

in the 2nd pic,m he is attacking my foot, well more like playing with it... he is not aloud to come inside any more because he was peeing on EVERYTHING! but it was really herd to get the pics of him, he kept getting to close to the camra and rubing up against it and laying on me and moveing around alot!

yes number two of magic cats that i own! YAY!! time for Tina

this is Tina she is like the boss of all the cats, but on the bright side! she is very soft liike velvety soft, and she will come and sleep with you in the middle of the night and make you sweat like heck! and she will sit on the counter untill you fill the sink up with water (she likes to drink from there like all my cats)

this is only ONE! of my cats out of three my next post will be my other cat Tina that is all black and cute!!! :D Oreo is cute to! and he is very loud he will sit there and stare at you going by untill you give him love and he will meow this really annoying meow and you have to fallow him and he will go to the food dishes and he will sit there and meow untill you fill it up! yes anoying but very very very lovable!

The Epic Adventure Of: Obvious Mystery (the ghost!)

A stop motion video me and my friend made, it is kinda good for the first one but ya

The Awesome Vest I Found!!!!

I found this vest at Rue 21 for $20 and I love it!!! YAY!!!

a poem thing i made randomly, tell me what you think ok?!

Whisper a symphony downtown after the storm, you say never to run, our summer is all gone, rob the only cry with wet fingers, and ask to be mine as none is.
so what do you think? comment on this on what you think please!


i dont know what to draw for the art contest!!! if you guys have any thing to sugest me comment or message me!!! PLEASE!!!

12:11 p.m.

it is 12:11 p.m. i just cant get to sleep . i got bored so i ate waffles and i want to have a party for no reson and i have no idea what i should draw for the art contest

here is that last drawing for today maybe...

here is is the Mcr drummer dude!!!