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yay more pics but these are not of my friend but of Miss. Bear G-mas dog

she is so cute!

the magical ness that my best friend does

(1) such as scream and look at the camra when um almost landing on her (2) put her feet in holes and makes a weird face (3) make my cat look dead (dont worry he is still alive

lets go site seeing in New Jersy!

this is great! everybody take pictures! this is a common torest attraction

hay guys tell me if the pics are good... thanx

i told her to give me a look that would give the impression "im gonna rip your hart out and eat it" and thats the best she could do

more and more pics! it gets addicting

dont worry in the last one she is not being attacked by a bush, in fact she is attcking it! :D

yet more pics of my friend that she told me to post

sorry me and her are obsesed with taking pics and sharing them :D

just to let you huys know.. i got permissin to post thease she TOLD me to post them just so ya know:D how do you think they are? i suck at taking pictures more on the way

oh jolly ragers ship! i think ive gon mad! + note

oh dear jolly rogers i think iv gone mad! i was just laying on my floor and my older sister came in and was like "im going to go play volly ball at the high school see ya" and im like "if im still laying here when you get back you should worry" and ya

NOTE!: after i posted "ive got a lot of friend request latly... hmm i wonder why" i got three mor. and at this very moment i am going to messege those three people but first! i have to think of weird names for the titles SO BE WARRNED!


I have been getting a lot of friend request lately...hmmm i wonder why

something going along with my last post "my mom heard her first mcr song"

my mom also says she likes Gerards voice, but the song was just to sad! so she said she liked Romance songs because they turn out good... so tell me... what IS the happyest MCR song?