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hey so im gonna get my haircut on saturday and was wondering what you guys think i should get! my hair is sholder length and i was thinking it would be cool to make up your own style and make a new look that nobody has ever had so if you have and idea watya know i could be the naxt one to wear it!

please tell me what you think it took and houre to take the pics! (im Alex)

A picture of me that i edited (only color edit)

in theis picture i am NOT wearing lip stick! i hate that stuff (no offens for those of you who would but..) that is just what the computer did

I lerned how to tie a noose

so ya i did i llerned how to tie a noose, ya its weird, but dont worry im not gonna kill myself im to smart for that ^_^

Random Key Bored Pictures!!!

i dont know why... but i like the angle of them

pics from a Cique show called 'Cirque Innosta'

the first one is a lady holding herself up with her teeth... the second one is a dude on this rope (i forgot what it was called and its not a tight rope because its lose unlike a tight rope) doing flips and crap and the third one is a girl in this hoop doing cool crap... she was holding herself up by the neck but sadly we did not get a picture of that
so what do you think? do you wish you where there and are they good pictures?

pics i drew

the firts on is the on i did the 2nd one off of... please comment me on how you think i did AND I DID NOT TRACE THIS!

other random pics!

first pic is yoyo! 2nd pic is my friend being normal! 3rd pic is her dog (pit bull) sassy/ sassafras <---- thats her name and she also responds to piggy

pics of Maxmel (Max)

he is so cute and tried to climb a bush today, god i love him