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MCR thing i forgot the name of all in one breath!

15 facts about me hmm lets see...
1.i love the joker
2. duh if i love the joker then i love heath leger!
3. i love lightning stormes
4. my favorite word is 'nightmare'
5. i have three cats and two rats (the cats are scared of the rats) brother and sister have Diabetes favorite colors are black red dark purple and dark green
8. you look at my eyes today they will be different tomorrow, i promise
9. one of my nick names is 'Bionic Ant'
10.i only have 5 more facts to go mp3 pler has a cracked screen
12. my favorite movie is the dark knight]
13. i love movies with explosions and

you have to wach this its so funny! 'i wanna be a vampire'
Cant wait till september

for two resons... MCR Album AND, Ghost Adventures come back on! SEPTEMBER NEES TO COME FASTER!!!

Ghost Adventures

has anyone els on here ever watch Ghost Adventures? its a t.v. show and if you have not seen it you tottly should, if you dont get freaked out super easy
pics: 1st Zak Bagans, Lead investigator, 2nd Nick Groff, assistant investigator, 3rd Aaronn Goodwin, equipment tech

link: seson one of Ghost Adventures! click one to watch!


and now i kill you with this toster waffle~~!!!!

Hair streaks! what color?

k so i got my hair cut and my haircutter did it way to girly and it is kind freaking me out but my mom said on the way home that i can put STREAKS in my hair, and if the goes good i can dye all my hair, what color should i do the streaks? the school rules say that i cant have anything that would 'distract people from lerning' so what do you think? i asked my friends and so far they say Dark Purple or red (my mom also said i can only have one color for the streaks)

Holey Socks!

so, my socks have holes, so what?, so what if my socks have a hole for every toe! what if my toes like being cold!

so tell me what you think! love to hear it!

Ranodm picture i drew in 1 min called "stiched hart"

yes i got bored so i really super fast frew this and desided to share it with all you!

dont ya just love this song!