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a funny video me and my friends made

haha do you like it>??

0o0!!! its back?! its back!!!

OH MY GOD!!! im so happy the site is back up!! i just found out last night! i missed all you peoples!!! *sniffil sniffil* happy im back *hugs!!!!!*

Rats Favroite song!!

okay so my rat Lily (the one that did not die yesterday :'() really likes the song Wattya Want From Me by Adam Lambert! so what songs do your pets like?

im crying my eye balls out right now

kay so i have to rats... and one of them is dead now and im crying really hard


so i started school today i have no classes with friends and my locker will not open if my friend says out loud that she is happy that her lociker opened! to in order for mine to open she has to pretend that she cant so i can get into my locker! and tomarow im gonna die cuz today was just my grade


i took a shower in two mins! my personal best! not that anyone cares.. just thought you would like to know!

Stop Motion video

what should my next stop motion video be about? i want it to be similar to my last one (if you have not seen it, it is in my blogs!) any sugestions?
if you want to explaina whole video to me please message me

stop motion video that i made about mcr do tell what you think of it!
day 2. The meaning behind your username

very simple i love mcr anf i love the used mcrtheused! magic is it not?