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every second

Every second, three kids die from unsafe drinking water, every hour 180 every day 4320, be thankful every time you drink water you don't think "if I drink this I could die" be thankful we have safe drinking water... I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas, please think about this.

Hey just got home

hey i just got home from Las Vegas :D it was amazing we stayed at the Luxor and saw the Criss Angel Believe show! it was so awesome! we also went to the Titanic exhibit and my dude died and they never found the body :/ well i wish all you guys have a happy Christmas!


Pickles are cucumbers dipped in evil!
yeah that was pointless but whatever i love myself :D
-Fear the Spoon

Define Grandma candy

so we are cleaning off the top of the fridge and my dad just asked "are there any grandma candy up there? or creepy candy, old candy etc." it was kinda funny but why do we call it grandma candy?

my new hair cut kinda reminds me of frankys ol don with shorter bangs

it was not even suposed to look like that but oh well, what do you guys think?

how should i get my h air cut?

kay so my hair is about sholder langth, and the bangs go almost to the tip pf my nose, and im getting my hair cut on thursday... so any ideas of what would look good or not?

My eye looks cool right now,(you must inlarge the pic to see the magic!)

my friend thought i photo shoped it but I DID NOT! so what do you think about my freakishly awesome eye ball, usually its eather blue or green or both, and sometimes i will have an ornege ring around it so yeah i think its awesome because this is the first time i could actually take a pic!

so what do you think? comment what you think of it!

my killjoy name

so i asked my friend and she said my Killjoy name whould be Toxic Soul Eater, what do you guys think of that?