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Hey whats up guys?! Well... Today kinda sucked... So I am watching The Crow for the first time... It is good so far... It's rated R and I'm not 18 yet but its an old movie so its like modern day PG13 :D Hope all of you had a better day than me! Love ya!
-Comical Crush


So my school is particapating in this art show thing and anybody who wants to be a part of it can take a phot, drawing, or painting that they have done to the art teacher... So do you think if I took an awesome picture of the s=#SINGItForJapan do you think I could also use that for the art show thing?

Umbrella Academy?!

Does anybody know when the third Umbrella Academy gonna come out? The lates news I heard about it was that next year its gonna become a movie? But if you know about when it will come out (the next book) then PLEASE PLEASE PLEEAASSEE tell me :D Thanks love youall!
-Comical Crush


Hey! So I made a thing for the Sing it for Japan thing and it won't let my post a picture becuase it is being mean so instead here is a link! ( ) PLEASE tell me if you think it is good enough to send! Thanks and Love you all!
-Comical Crush

Help please

Hey so I sent an e-mail asking if I could change my username and they told me to send them my top three requests for a new user name... so what I have right now are..
So do you think I should change my username to one of those or just keep it the same? :/ I can't decide... please help meh! oh yeah! AND I love you all! (So if you think I should change my name I can only send them three suggestions... So wich one should I take out?)
-Comical Crush

New hair style... Does it look good on me?

Hey so I KNOW I don't have the prettyest face but it works for me so I'm good... I was tired of haveing my hair all flat and weird looking so I tried something new... So what do you think? Does it look good? Should I keep doinging it? Does it look bad? Please give me your honest opinions... and if you haven't guessed... I'm the one with blue hair lol XD well I love you all! Have a good night/morning/afternoon!
-Comical Crush (p.s. Sorry for the messy background)


Is it at all possible to change my user name without making a whole new account?

Aprils gonna be the best month of this year for me!
HELP! Opinions please!

Kay so if I made a website... what would you guys want it to be for... My thuogh was a Rubber Duck fan site but... lol what do you guys think? I want to try to not do an MCR one because there are already so many sites like that already... PLEASE! I WOULD LOVE WHAT YOU THINK!
-Comical Crush