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Hey, so... How have you all been?

I have been sick latly :/ How have you guys been? Hope you've been better than me

Listen Up Killjoys!

Okay everybody listen up... somebody told me you can only vote once... but you may vote like 10 times with twitter! then when it says you can't vote that anymore, then you click VIA SITE untill the same thing happens KEEP VOTING KILLJOYS! WE CAN WIN THIS BATTLE

Okay, WE HAVE to get mcr at least above the little monsters! They make me depressed and sad! They all kick me in the gut! Get everyone you know with a twitter, facebook, and mobile to vote! EVEN YOU! We have to show them whose boss :D and we have to show them that if they mess with us... then dot dot dot! (The reson for all that is because there is this lady gaga fan at school and she is NOT a just a monster... she is a little monster! But she is mean and she bullies me, so I really need to prove to her that I have the bigger army)

Keep it up! Keep it ugly! We gotta leave the rest in the dirt!

Come on! We can overpower them! Our army will not stand to be number 6! IF YOU HAVE NOT VOTED YET! VOTE FOR OUR ARMY! the MCRmy! !

Just think...

Just think... every time we write one of these blogs... we are documenting history! Who knows... maybe one day the moon with be crashing down on every one and mcr will save the world and then everyone would want to know all about them and how there fans keep 'em going! (sorry kinda pointless blog :/
-Comical Crush

Keep on voteing killjoys! The MCRmy amry CAN and WILL win! to any of you who have not yet voted! VOTE! (remember... We are all voting for MCR) we need people to realize just how BIG our army is! WE HAVE ENOUGH SOLDERS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Only we wont... we will just make everyone else suck ass :D

Vote for My Chem!

Yep, that's right. Another battle on the net. BUT this time it's different. We won't be fighting for "the best band of the bla, bla", this time, we're voting for the best FANS.

Yes, that's us. The MCrmy against other fans like Beliebers (Justin Boober), Glamberts (Adam Lambert), Little Monsters (Lady Gaga), Barbiez (Nicki Minaj), Clouds (Rain), Rihanna Navy (Rihanna), Katy Cats (Katy Perry), Musers (Muse), and Taylor Gang (Wiz Khalifa).

Yes. That's us against 12 fan groups. So before you head down to the site, there are a few things you've got to know.

1. You can only vote through Mobile,


Okay so at the cocnert last night, me and my friend made a happy berthday gerard banner... but it was usless... and then I screamed happy birthday and he heard me! It was so awesome! And then I tried to get people to sing happy birthday to him... but nobody wannted to :( and most the sweat on me... was not even my sweet! BUT IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME!

So excited!

I am seeing My Chemical Romance TOMORROW! I am SOOOO exited! And I had a dream and I got to get a picture with Gerard and we stood back to back holding up finger guns! AUHHH SO EXCITED!

Oh my gosh! Guess who I got hugs from!?

Kay so lastnight I went to my FIRST ever concert... Black Veil Brides could not play because Andy was sick, but afterwords all of them exept for Andy was signing autographs and all of them gave me a hug! They are all SUPER nice! I wish I could just like hang out with them! It was the best first concert ever!