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I fianly did it!

Guys I finaly did it, I finaly got the guts to tell my mom im bi.. I did a two nights ago and she's compleatly fine with it! Just thought I would tell you about my little victory!
Love you guys!
-Comical Crush

Amazing and awesome video!

This is a vido my brother made and it's just so awesome I thought you guys should see it =D he is the one with really long hair btw ^_^ please comment on the video or in the comments on this blog... Thatnks! xoxo
-Comical Crush

I need help!!! PLEASE!!!

I think I might be bisexual, not like half and half more like 75% straight 25% gay! I'm only thirteen guys so I REALLY don't know what to do! I've only told three of my friends, but I didn't tell my best friend because I really don't wanna make things awkward between me and her... D= My mom has already told me that she does not care if i'm gay or straight but I still don't know how and don't really want to tell her! or my friend! I'm really scared that someone I love is gonna judge me and hate me!

Any one have a Formspring?

If you do... PLEASE follow me.. I'm so very very lonely DX If you want to follow me, my username is ToExpressMyself :D thanks SO much and I love ALL of you guys! xoxo

My new hair cut! Tell me what you think!
I learned how to play some of this on my guitar!
Lets face the facts... I suck, and feel like shit.

lets face it! My videos suck, nobody watches them, they are not inspirational! and I wouldn't be surprised if it makes people feel like shit because, well... I SUCK! MY LIFE SUCKS RIGHT NOW! I'm 13, have had 2 friends smoke pot and have had one of my friends watch porn on MY DADS computer behind my back! WTF! WHY CAN"T I HAVE FRIENDS WHO ACCTUALLY CARE ABOUT ME AND THEMSELVES :'( I just really want to go to sleep and never wake up, I feel like a major outcast, kind of like a freak in a cage and people walk by and just stare and make fun of me.

Is it just me or...

Do you guys have like weird site stalkers? Like people who comment on your blog after you cant see it in zone 6? I do... and it's freaking me out! PLEASE! If I message you, please don't comment on my blogs or read them unless you can see them in the zone or I tell you to read it! It scares me!

Is it wrong...

Do you guys think it's wrong that I don't like Lyn-Z? I mean I'm happy Gerard found someone he loves,,, but I just don't really like her! I don't know why! The feeling is just sorrta,,, there.

My Feelings, My Thoughts, My Rapture.

Yesterday I found my DARE report (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) And at the very bottom is said "and I, Alexandra Davis, here by pledge do stay drug and alcohol free." It's a promise I made. Some of my friends made that same promise, but they made a promise that they could not keep. I'm Alexandra Davis, and promises to myself are what's keeping me here and alive, finding out your friends are smoking pot is heart breaking. I'm a 13 year old girl, that has a 13 and 11 year old friend that are smoking pot. Welcome... To my Rapture. Let the pain begin.