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Band happiness

Okay, so as you probably don't know a while ago I tried to start a band with my two friends, and it was very difficult because they kept fighting and stuff, so Amira left the 'band' and formed her own, they 'formed' over 3 months ago and still havn't had 1 practice and non of them even know how to play, Alley wanted me to be in her band but when I found people to play in it for drums and stuff she would say no to them because they might be a little overweight or they have blond hair (she doesn't like blonds but yet she dyes her hair blond) so I quit her 'band' and my friend Annie asked me to

Come on guys! We are still droping down!!!
come one guys we can do it!! We need to over power them!!

Come on guys! We are droping down again.
Keep voting!
we droped down from about 41.81 to 41.35! We can at least even up with 30STM!

Keep it up! Keep it ugly! We gotta leave the rest in the dust! ;)
come on guys! I've been voting all day, and we have gone up a TON! But we can still go up even more!! MCRmy will win!! :) Even if we don't, we are still a family and will stay strong. =)

we are falling a bit behind agian! We can do this!!!
come on guys! I know we can beat them before the days out!! The MCRmy is strong and we most defiantly can beat them 30STM!

I know i'm being a little to obsessiv but we are sooo close!
come on guys, we are sooo close to at least evening up with 30STM! :) we can do it because we have FAITH!

Killjoys, we can do this!
if you can keep voting! yesterday I was voting all day! Here is and update on what the polls are right now with us and 30STM
My Chemical Romance

30 Seconds to Mars
xoxo love you all!
-Comical Crush

Just a reminder...

Hey Killjoys! This is just a reminder that I love you all and you guys have helped me in so many ways! You are all so excepting and understanding!! And this is why group hugs were invented!! GROUP HUG EVERYONE!!! -hugs- I love you all soooo freaking much, if you want to be friends please message me! Hope everyons day was freaktasticly amazing... Keep your guns close!
<3 <3
-Comical Crush

End of the world!

Don't worry everyone! The world is not going to end in 2012! I have a can of peas that expire in 2013! We will all be OK!!