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I Capture Castle, and Enter Shikari concert was AMAZING!

Okay so the I Capture Castle and Enter Shikari concert was AMAZING! I got to hug James from ICC and get his autograph! When I asked him for a hug he was like "Of coarse you can have a hug!!" and I started crying because I was so happy! He was really nice. Then I got a broken drum stick from Let Live and I got a high five from all the members of Enter Shikari ((=
After I huged James I realized I should have had him sign something, so I got a little sad. But after the show he was at his merch booth packing up and he signed a little peice of paper for me (= <3 pictures of the concert soon.

The Umbrella Academy: But the Past Ain't Through with You Motion Comic??

I'm not going to lie to you guys, I didn't like it at all. The voices don't match the characters personality or face. All the voices sounded like they were trying to make a stupid childrens comedy were the actors were really bad at acting.. I'm just really disappointed in it because I set my expectations too high. I mean, don't get me wrong, the script is amazing. But the voice actors?? Who the hell did they get?! -.- It completely distorted everything. They shouldn't sound like they're happy about fucking everything!

Cinnamon challenge BURNS!!!
Amira has a Laughing Fit o.O it's really fucking funny.
So.. It's been quite a while. **Almost a full month cut free!**

**Almost a full month cut free!**
So I got new hair, I got it cut and the blue is gone. It was actually supposed to be purple when we re-dyed it but, as you can see, it failed.
So it's been quite a while, and I've not posted a lot. The reason for this is because I've been having a really hard time and I feel that it would be best not to tell others how depressed I really am/was. Also because I'm just simply too lazy! But recently I've been much happier!


For the first time I'm realizing that the world ISNT better off without me
watch the video please!

So I did some odd doodles...

Okay so I know the pictures are small but the first one I named Jen, and it says "Hi, my name is Jen" and she's waving (= in the second picture, the one on the left is Edward Scissorhands and above him it says "I was supposed to be Edward Scissor Hands" and the one on the right is supposed to be me and it says "I'm not emo. Iz just sad lots"
What do you guys think?

I think I may be destined for death... =(