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my Art Is Smart entry

Yeah so that's my entry ._. though I would share it

I Will Miss You

Thank you My Chemical Romance for being there when no one else wasn't. I'm so grateful that I had the chance to see you twice in concert, but I will never forget you.
Thank you for everything.
Stay Strong Revenge Seekers, Black Paraders, and Killjoys.

So, once again, it's been quite awhile.

I've finished some new paintings. The top one is titled "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" the second one says "Carpe Diem" which means "Seize the day" and the last one is Jeffree Star.
So, I've actually been gone a while because I feel like the blog part of this site as become just a place for you guys to waist time, more and more often I see people posting weird little surveys that are basically pointless. Don't take this offensively, but this fan base is going into the shits.

Fit Confined Inside *edited* song I wrote (please don't steal)

My problem is I don’t need lies
And I don’t need traditions.
This is the night so look up to it and connect
Like you never did with me
We’re refusing to go
But I’ll rip down the sky
And try to make it fit confined inside of me ‘till the end.
So now you’re here,
And I want to take out your eyes,
To see the sky the way you do
You’ve turned away from me,
So why’d you come?
You know, baby, I can leave this world!
I can leave it all behind!
I took a chance to win what couldn’t be
And I prefer the feelings that I can just leave this stage.
All you can do is fight
We all know you don’t like me.

RIP Mitch Lucker

I can not express how depressed I am about his death. No, I didn't know him personally, but I knew his music and I knew his message. He did not deserve this. He left behind a wife, a 5 year old daughter, friends, and fans. He will be missed so much.
I just keep wishing this is all a dream, that I'll wake up and he'll still be alive.

His memory will never die in my heart.
Legends never die.

Weird things are happning.

Weird things are happening. I can't sleep, I'm not even a little tired. I sat up too look out the window, ~note, my window was CLOSED~ too see how dark it was outside (I don't know why I do it) and right when I did, in an electronicy type voice I hear "Lexie",(my name) and it sounded like it came from right behind me. So of coarse I freak out and I curl up in my bed and I was looking to the door ~the door is open~,, there's a light in my hallway that flashes, and for a few seconds it was flashing like CRAZY and it looked like people were walking in front of it, so I turn on my lamp.

New interveiw/song

can someone PLEASE give me a link to it?

(ps. the best part is near the end)
Hello all you wonderful killjoys. It's been a while since I posted something that wasn't totally ~blah~ so just thought I'd come and tell you what I've just realized.
I've been growing away from the music of My Chemical Romance, not the fans, or the fan-girlness or anything like that. It's like I completely forgot that they even made music! Like I forgot that they are what's keeping me alive and they are what made me better, what made me ~want~ to be me! and then I relized.

So happy right now!

James Belliston from I Capture Castle commented on a video I have of one of their concerts and me getting his autograph! I can’t believe that just happened!! They’re one of my favorite bands!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! <3 I’m so happy.

This is the video he commented on: