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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year everybody, best wishes and good luck in whatever you are going to be doing. I hope you manage to keep your new year's resolutions.

Christmas is over, the new year is looming!! :)

The time of christmas is sadly over but the new year is just round the corner. Returning to school after the holidays I have exams but I am also getting a late christmas pressie from my friend... Danger Days!!!!! Can't wait, unfortunately I will have to keep it hidden from my parents.
I hope everyone has had a good Christmas without too many problems in the snow.

School Carol Services

School carol services this week, last night's was recorded by Rutland Radio for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My eight year of doing it and I still get excited.
Last performance tonight, but tomorrow we will be singing in the end of term assembly.

Could be getting a dog... XD

I've wanted a dog for 11 years and I might finally be getting one. My parents had a massive argument which resulted in mum coming upstairs saying we would go and get a dog in the spring. I was pretty excited and we agreed it would be a rescue dog. 20 minutes later she came upstairs and said she's not going to say yes or no to a dog. So now I'm totally confused but while she makes her mind up I'm planning what sort of dog to get. I know Jack Russels are very cute but they are a bit boisterous for my parents so I'm thinking more of a border terrier or patterdale terrier.

Look alive Killjoys!!!!!!

Yipee it's out, I was up till midnight so I could play Na Na Na to celebrate. Wish I could get the album now but I can't get my money off my parents until Christmas. So youtube will have to do for the moment. I love the SING video, can't believe the guys get killed though.

Stupid computers ... :(

My damn laptop won't let me stay signed in, computers at school do but I want to post stuff while I'm at home. It gets annoying after a while when everyone calls me freak for liking MCR. Any ideas what I could do?

Setting the record straight!!

I was watching MCR videos on youtube today and I kept finding a lot of hateful and rude comments slashing MCR and fans. I don't understand why some people waste their time searching for the videos just to put some stupid comment about MCR being goth or supporting self harm and suicide.
I always reply to the comments cos I feel a duty to keep their record set as they want it to be. Anybody else do this or am I just the freak my friends say I am?

Just found this.. wish I had seen it sooner.

I was randomly flicking through MCR stuff on youtube and I found this vid, you guys are so good, I wish I could have seen it before I attempted suicide several times.

New album for my birthday..... :(

Spent 4 hours trying to persuade my parents to get me the new album for my birthday (10th December), I gained no ground whatsoever. Trying to prove to old fasioned parents who are used to classical music that MCR aren't metal is suprisingly diffficult.