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Kerrang! The War on Emo article...

I'm aware that not everyone can get hold of Kerrang! magazine and I just thought that some people might like to read the War on Emo article from this weeks edition so I typed it up for you. Sorry I can't get the photos, I'll try and scan my copy as soon as I can for you. :)
Here's the link....

No copyright infringement intended, I just wanted to spread the article to those who would otherwise not be able to read it.

Sinking again

Really struggling again tonight. None of my friends care anymore, they aren't replying to any messages, I haven't heard from them in weeks.
I'm past the point of caring what anyone thinks of me, or what the rules are. If this post gets me blocked then so be it, at least I will have said goodbye. I'm wondering if I should delete my Twitter and move on, no-one really notices me on there anyway, it's like I don't exist apart from when I mention someone.
I cut again tonight, I really tried not to but music just wasn't enough to stop me.
I made a promise to myself that I would say thank you to MCR

Random note

Opened my locker at school the other day (sadly Frankie didn't jump out) and found a note hidden inside, which said this:

"I don’t know why your friends ever bothered helping you. I guess they don’t realise they haven’t stopped you from killing yourself, they’ve just given you a bit longer. You’ve tried once, freaks like you always end up in hospital or dead. You fail at life and you failed at death, what the hell are you here for?"

Yay, nice to know I'm wanted at school.

Thriller opening, please read!!

I wrote this a couple of days ago and I would just like to know what people think! :) Any comments welcome, good or bad. I trust you not to, but please don't copy the story and claim it as your own like my 'friend' at school did. :)

I was given the title 'A Frightening Experience'

It was a dark, wintery night and we had been driving for what seemed like hours. The full moon shimmered on the wet road, illuminating the path ahead. The wind was picking up again, howling round the car as the rain lashed against the windows, drowning out the radio.


Ok so told my parents my results, mum was suprisingly accepting but my dad is a totally different matter. He's going to make me pay for the retakes (£30) and he hasn't talked to me for the last two days.
I was out helping with an event in the village this evening and while I was out my family (mum, dad and brother) decided that they're going to take my laptop away until the end of June, but as I'm away in July I won't get it back until August!!! Clearly they do not realise I can't survive without my laptop.

Hi, it's been a while.

Haven't been around for ages, life's been so full of sh*t I've hardly had any time to myself.
Life just got messed up again, not getting the grades that are expected of me (Bs instead of A*s). My grandma passed away last wednesday, the funeral's on monday.
I cut again on friday morning, after being clean for nearly a year. :( Now keeping it hidden at all costs, mum still calls me an idiot for doing it the first time. Little does she know, she's the one to blame.
Only 6ish weeks until all my main GCSE exams start, which is going to be absolute hell, although study leave means I don't have to

MCR songs in adverts

SING is the backing music to the advert for the BBC's Bringing Up Britain.

Most awesome dream ever

A bit weird but last night I had the best dream of my life:

I was at a gig where MCR, 30STM and some other guys were playing. As they all walked in there was a massive rush to the front to see them, which I got dragged in with. There was someone leading in the acts and as MCR walked past the lady who was leading them in introduced me to Gee.


I can't believe this, MCR and 30STM to be playing at the Reading and Leeds festival!!! I just wish I could go, stupid parents say I can't go to a concert until I'm 18. :(
Maybe if I keep asking I will be able to brainwash them into it *leaves to plan evil deeds*

Finish it quickly? :'(

I cut again last night and now i'm holding my belt it my hand wanting to end it all right now. Last time I did this my friends only just managed to talked me out of it but now they don't believe me any more even though they saw me really sick after my last overdose and I showed them a photo of the bathroom sink with my blood in it.
Mum and I had a massive argument earlier cos she caught me crying in my room and then she made me feel a whole lot worse by hitting me round the head until I told her what was wrong.