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Just sitting here with just my MCR posters to keep me company and wishing that my friend that was supposed to come pick me up today comes. I got all pretty and everything...whatever. So I don't konw what is wrong with me. I am in a house FULL of people and i can't help but feel super alone. Today my grandma told me that she wants me to move in with her to get me away from my step dad and I really want to accept but she lives all the down in Southern Illinois and I'm up in Michigan. I wouldn't leave very many friends behind. Just one. I feel like i could make more friends down there.

Hey Guys!

Okay, so. This is my first blog and i am probably going to be really bad at it but I'l try! I like to help people so if you want, you can ask! So I made this so i can vent about my horrible anxiety and my horrible life where I have where my parents hate me and I have a total of one friend.