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"I would say 'I'm sorry' though I really need to go, and I just wanted you to know... that the world is UGLY, but you're BEAUTIFUL to me..."

The World Is Ugly - My Chemical Romance

Now that I again listen to CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS, it's not so hard to see that they really are saying goodbye through those previously-unreleased songs. I just can't explain in words how awfully tragic and heart-shattering it feels to see your all-time heroes leave.'s picture


It was dark and it was raining,
Everyone dear to me was lying
Everything turned out worse than it seem
I’m stuck in a nightmare instead of a dream

But then you came, and held my hand
You made me see and understand
You wiped the tears that drowned my eyes,
Held me close, and stopped my cries

You were there when no one’s near
And heard my calls, no one else could hear
You stayed with me through the night
When I’m with you, everything felt right

But then I noticed something’s wrong
I felt that you couldn’t stay for long
You were gone in a blink of an eye,
Everything I used to know… was a lie.

It was dark, and it was raining,
Here I am again… still crying
But I couldn’t let it out… couldn’t scream
After I realized, I was only with you in a dream

just something i wrote last year... pfft's picture

Circus Kreep

woah it's been a while since i last opened this account...
and i just noticed how lame and crappy and pointless my older blogs are. >.<

so anygerardways, i'm here to rant about how i badly want to get my hands on a copy of the album but i can't. for crying out loud it's been way past a month of searching and i still can't find it. the people on music stores are probably sick of me coming to their store every week and asking if the album's available already. i just have to okay? this is not just some crappy fangirl obsession.. it's something more.. but it's not up to the point of worshiping. jeez i just want to buy it. period.

and also, i finished my Killjoy drawing last december 19... i was gonna submit it on deviantart but we went to province this past week.. and believe me, internet connection there is flat out lame. so maybe later i'm gonna post it here and there and maybe on facebook too.

(yeah pointless)

.circus kreep.
.can i be the only hope for you?.'s picture

i'm a kid from yesterday...

...which is why i just have to post this.'s picture

they only care if you can bleed...

...okay i'm missing out on all the fun around here.
i can't get my hands on a copy..!!
i think i'm gonna rant about it often... until i can buy the album.
when will it be freakin available here in the philippines..??

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happy danger day to all...!!

well, it seems everyone is enjoying this day.... but i can't.
just because i live in some place far away.
i don't even have any idea when the album will be available here...

when the hell is the album gonna be available here in the philippines..!!??'s picture

sing it for the world.....

so i just finished watching the music video again and again and again and again and oh you get the point... and i still have teary eyes.. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH..!! YOU MAKE SUCH AMAZING MUSIC VIDS...!! truly i can't wait for the next chapter..

oh and i wanna watch dr. deathdefying's vid but my internet connection isn't workin with me... maybe it's because it knows that it's 11:37pm here at my place and i still have to go to school 7am tomorrow.. oh well.. maybe tomorrow i'll get to it..

although i am a bit disappointed about the 2011 tour dates... hmmm when will you come back to asia (particularly philippines)...??? hmmm this is pointless...

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E X T E R M I N A T E ... !!

currently watching the music video of Na Na Na...
effin sick..!! what a twisted ending i'd say..! ^^

anygerardways, i'm gonna find a more decent pic for this EXTERMINATE madness...'s picture

KillJoys Make Some Noise...!!

I'm currently listening and watching to the trailer i downloaded...
also took snapshots coz it's just freakin awesome...!! can't get "na na na" out of my head so i just had to replay it again and again and again...!

hmmm... there's a freaking World Contamination Tour... and i am sooo hoping that they could come back to my pathetic little country... got my fingers crossed on that...

also, i soooo freakin love that the new album has "KILLJOYS" on the title ... coz ever since i've been referred to as KILLJOY because of my freakin initials... (my name is Katherine Joelle, by the gerardway) so... it's just too freakin awesome if you ask me...!! \m/ - Look Alive Sunshine ...
a journal i made at deviantart ... i'm too lazy to copy it here, so just follow the link if you're interested to read it and watch me too if you have an account there..

bullets and pills
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Mikey Effin Way !!

happy birthday mikey !!! :3